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Stories Behind the Short Stories #1

February 20, 2020

Like any true artist, including us writers, works of art are inspired by or have some sort of element related to a real life event. These are the stories and inspirations behind the short stories published on Simply Jamilah.…

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Their Voices

February 18, 2020

Sometimes people wonder what other people think about them. This is a short story of someone who is stuck listening to the positive and negative thoughts people have about her.…

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Outfits of the Week: February 10th

February 15, 2020

These are the three outfits I wore during the week of February tenth when I didn't have to give campus tours.…

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My Day Off

February 13, 2020

On February 8, 2020, I took a self-proclaimed vacation day, which means I didn't do or think about anything school related for the entire day, and it was amazing. Enjoy my quick vacation day vlog.…

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Retail vs. Fast Food

February 11, 2020

Since my senior year of high school, I've worked different odd jobs to keep a little money in my constantly fluctuating bank account. From a crew member for a concessions stand at a baseball park to packaging online orders at a clothing retailer, I have a bit of experience. Whether you're a teen trying to get a little bit of spending money, a retired elderly person…

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Outfits of the Week: February 3rd

February 8, 2020

These are all the outfits I wore the week of February 3rd... there's not much else to add. Hope you enjoy.…

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