Why I’ve Always Been Single

September 13, 2017

For this blog, the stuff I post is either super planned or super random and comes to me late at night. This is one of those blog posts that came to me late at night. Besides waiting on the right guy, which is the guy God has in store for me, I came up with a list of potential reasons as to why I have always been single. It took me less than forty-five minutes to come up with all of this.

  1. I easily screw up my friendships with guys. If I can’t even keep a simple friendship with a guy, how could I keep a relationship with one?
  2. It’s hard to find someone that can relate without judging or seemingly condemning me.
  3. This is probably similar to the last one, but I wrote it twice. Oh well. I want a guy who won’t judge me. I know I have a unique taste in music that not many people are fond of. I literally used to have a guy friend that called my music gay every time I talked about it, which I REALLY didn’t appreciate. He doesn’t have to like my music; he could at least tolerate it.
  4. Flaws. I love my flaws, but he might not. He could think I’m too clumsy or loud or shy or random or unnecessary or straight up annoying when I’m just being my flawless self.
  5. It took me a while to love myself and realize my self-worth. I wouldn’t want to get in a relationship without loving myself and realizing my self-worth and knowing who I am (or at least who I’m meant to be).
  6. Fear. Fear I’d fall in love and get my heart broken. Fear of divorce or being cheated on. Fear of him abusing me. Fear of me putting myself all in and him treating me like a side hoe. Fear of changing into a horrible person.
  7. I still want to be independent. I want to hang out with my friends and have other male friends/acquaintances. I even want to hang out with myself.
  8. Sometimes I think my physical appearance isn’t up to par. It could be my height, hair, feet, hands, weight, legs, the line on my nose, the fact that I don’t wear makeup (besides the occasional eyeliner or eyeshadow) and put my acne on display, the lack in the boob and butt departments (all boobs and butts are beautiful, by the way).
  9. I want a guy who understands the female body and how it’s not shaved 24/7 and periods. He especially needs to understand periods because I am a total wreck on my period, which I don’t think is a bad thing.
  10. I want a guy who’s funny without being a butthole. He can make me laugh without putting people down or seemingly being a bully. I love laughing. I need someone who will laugh with me instead of at me.
  11. I need a guy who is mature but will understand if I’m occasionally immature and will be immature with me.
  12. I want a guy who appreciates my quirks.
  13. I either talk too much or not enough. Either way, it can be a problem.
  14. Sometimes I doubt myself and don’t believe in myself unless someone else believes in me first (something I’m still working on).
  15. I want a guy who isn’t obsessed with video games. He needs to have goals and ambitions. Hopefully this never happens, but he needs to be the kind of guy that if he gets laid off, he will get up and get another job instead of being a lazy bum and playing video games and drowning in alcohol.
  16. I have a hard time trusting people. I’ve been let down and disappointed by soooo many people soooo many times.
  17. I want a gentleman, a guy who proves chivalry isn’t dead. That’s every girl’s dream. Need I say more?
  18. I have a complicated life/past. Not much more to say about that.
  19. I’m a beautiful hot mess. I’m unpredictable. I’m crazy (but not the kind of crazy that pours hot grits on her significant other to wake him up).

I think that’s it. If I randomly decide to create another list of reasons, there might be a part two. Don’t think I’m desperate to be in a relationship; I will happily continue to wait. I’m “it” and want to be “it” for someone else. I saw this picture on Pinterest and figured it would be okay to insert here.


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