5 Glasses, 5 Outfits

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So… I’m blind. Well, not blind blind, but my right eye is dang near close to blindness, and my left eye is slowly getting there. As you can predict, I have to wear glasses. My optometrist didn’t give me the option to wear contacts; he said I had to get glasses since my eyes are at two different levels of near blindness, which meant no more sunglasses (my heart was broken for two days after I found this out).

Anyway, I’ve worn the same glasses for over a year now, and I’m kind of over them. At the time, glasses without a bottom frame looked nice, but now they are irritating; as a clumsy person, it was not my best decision. For the past few months, I’ve been thinking heavily about buying new glasses but didn’t want to go through the trouble of booking an appointment with the optometrist without knowing what I wanted.

Thank goodness for Warby Parker.

I tried their Home Try-On program, which is where you get to pick 5 glasses to try out and be sent to you without any charge. After five days, you have to send them back; essentially, you get to try out a pair a day. After I ordered the five glasses I was interested in ( 3 eyeglasses, 2 sunglasses), I found out Warby Parker has an affiliate program (hence the above disclaimer).

*You can click on the links/banners if you want, but that’s not what the purpose of this post is.

With my five glasses, I created five different outfits; I also tried to edit the pictures of my outfits with PicsArt (for the first time), and it was kind of a fail (I’ve already roasted myself about it; it’s really difficult editing pictures when there’s an afro involved).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the five glasses I chose from Warby Parker (in order from least to most favorite) and the outfits I created around them:

Hoops: Forever 21
Shirt: Goodwill
Pants: Tilly’s

Earrings: the Tennessee Renaissance festival
Ring: Kay Jewelers
T-shirt: SheIn
Overalls: YesStyle
Sneakers (you can’t see them, but they’re there): Sketchers

Bodysuit: SheIn
Skort (you can’t see it, but it’s there): SheIn
Earrings: a family friend

Bracelet: my friend Robert’s Etsy shop
Denim dress: New York & Company

Pearl studs: Forever 21
Yellow blouse: SheIn
Denim overalls: I literally can’t remember (I searched my brain for five minutes); I’ve had them since I was twelve
Thumb ring: Josten’s (class ring)
Other ring: Kay Jewelers
Lady & the Tramp pin: Disney Store
“Support Your Sister” pin: JessRachelSharp on Etsy

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Those are the five outfits I paired with the five Warby Parker glasses I tried out; I was already sold with the fast shipping, but the actual glasses are equally incredible. Once I get my prescription, I am for sure getting the Percey eyeglasses in the chestnut crystal finish… unless I do the Home Try-On program again (which I might) and find a pair I like better.

Q: Do you wear glasses? Where do you get your glasses from or wish you could get your glasses from?

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