The Title “Influencer”

May 26, 2019

Is there any real purpose in writing this? No.
Am I going to write this anyway and figure out where to categorize it later? Yes.

I don’t know how many people I will offend/piss of by writing/saying this, but I hate the term “influencer.” Personally, I feel like it is such an unnecessary title.

I believe “influencer” is a term given to anyone with a large following on a social media platform, such as YouTube and Instagram. Every time I hear it being associated with someone, it’s someone who has a large following– at least ten thousand (and even then, I’ve heard people with ten thousand followers call themselves “small influencers”) Could I be wrong? There’s a very big chance. Though I am only nineteen, when it comes to stuff involving social media or the Internet, I’m a few years behind.

During my public speaking class last fall, I gave a speech about how we are all, essentially, influencers. I don’t remember the speech exactly, but I distinctly remember making the point that whatever we put on the Internet, whether it be social media or a blog post or a review on Amazon, has the potential to influence people. In a way, we’re all influencers. So why are only people with large followings given the title? “YouTuber” is a title given to people who make YouTube videos; why can’t we create titles like that for all the Internet-based professions, instead of handing out the title “influencer?” You know what I’m saying?

How did this become a title anyway? Why aren’t rappers called influencers or actors called influencers? Music influences us. Movies and television influence us. Books can influence us. Society and politics can influence us. Everything and everyone can be an influencer, so again, why are we only giving this title to people with large followings on the Internet? I know they work hard to get where they’re at; I’m not taking that away from them, but don’t we all work hard at something?

I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m angry or complaining or trying to degrade people for their hard work (I’m not sure I used the right word); I’m just speaking (or writing?) my mind.

The definition of an influencer that comes up on Google is this:

Google’s definition applies to all of us.

Personally, I vote we get rid of the title “influencer” all together.

Those are my two cents (no asked for them, but here they are).

Q: How do you feel about the title “influencer?”

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