The New Simply Jamilah Logo

August 22, 2019

I definitely payed twenty dollars for the new logo (pictured above).

Recently, I’ve made some subtle changes to Simply Jamilah, including purchasing a logo (hopefully I don’t regret it).

Everything about the new logo is intentional, and I wanted to discuss it in further detail… shall you say.

I don’t know if you can tell, but the entire logo is off-center, which I totally did on purpose. I felt like having the logo centered would make it perfect, and I didn’t want it to be perfect because I’m not a perfect person. For me, not having it centered is a representation of how imperfect I am.

There isn’t a super deep meaning behind having the circles blue. They’re blue because blue is an accent color on this site. Whenever something is linked and when you hover over a page on the menu are blue… just a different kind of blue (not sure if that was a grammatically correct sentence).

Several circles around a big circle to create an abstract work of art represents the different aspects/categories/posts that make up Simply Jamilah. There are so many different pages and posts to explore, but they all come together on this beautiful platform to create Simply Jamilah. I hope that makes sense.

The title is in a handwritten font because I love handwritten fonts and posts, hence why my signature is on some of my blog posts. To me, handwritten fonts make everything more personal.

Finally, the tagline is smaller with a font to match the fonts of the blog posts. I’m not sure that it is the exact same font, but I wanted some element of the logo to match the blog posts.

I’m really excited about the new logo and everything it’ll be displayed on in the future. I feel like I took a step up the staircase of being an entrepreneur/having a brand (I have no clue if that makes sense) by finalizing a logo design and paying for it. Shout out to for the logo (not sponsored).

Let me know what you think of the new logo, and let me know if this explanation of the new logo makes any sense; I’m kind of bad at explaining things.

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