Avaya was Simply Jamilah’s August 2019 Hidden Gem. Here is the full interview with the questions in the order they were asked:

*Keep in mind I had to do this interview over text because that’s just how this Hidden Gem works.

SJ: What are you looking forward to most about being a teenager?
I guess being able to say I’m a teenager.

Best movie you’ve seen since the start of 2019?
The Sun is Also a Star.

What do you want right now?
Finish Stranger Things.

What is the best and worst thing about being an only child?
Worst- being lonely and bored all the time
Best- getting almost everything I want

Even though you’re only in 8th grade, how did going to a private school help you with the real world?
I guess I have a strong faith, so if someone tries to throw me off track, I’ll kinda know what to do.

Who is better: BTS or Blackpink?

If you’re a woman, you’re oppressed. If you’re black, you’re oppressed. As a young African-American lady, how do you feel being in the United States?
I don’t know.

How would you describe your sense of style? What stores sell the items that match your style?
I don’t know how to describe it right now, but whatever stores I find something appealing in.

How do you describe a best friend?
Someone loyal and funny but also isn’t afraid to act themselves.

If you could live in any country in the world, where would you live and why?
Japan. I just think it’s a cool place.

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