2019 Fall Fashion Wishlist

September 27, 2019
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It’s officially fall!!! Well, it is in the United States.

I’ve started to experience those days where it’s super cold in the morning and at night, but it’s almost unbearably hot during the day. Fall is among us!

With a new season comes a legit excuse to spend an excessive amount of money on new clothes.

Well, instead of spending money I don’t have, I crafted a list of fifteen items I want to eventually purchase. All of these items have been on my “To Buy” for the longest time now, but I haven’t found anything that meets my standards and style.

All the images I used for this post are screenshots I got from SheIn. I don’t want these exact items, but I want items similar to the ones below; I hope an ounce of that made any sense.

Anyway, here are fifteen items I hope to buy in due time:

1. A Simple, Elegant Dress

I don’t like the color green at all, but I love the simplicity of this dress. It looks very elegant, and for this dress in particular, I love how it’s a high-low dress. None of the dresses I currently own can be described as elegant, so I need an elegant one.

2. A Long Sweatshirt

Having a sweatshirt this long is so unique, and I love to dress outside of the box. Also, I think it would be super comfortable.

3. A Patterned Jumpsuit

To be blunt, I just really want a patterned jumpsuit. I would totally make it the statement of an outfit; I’m on the hunt for one that’s bold enough to be a statement piece.

4. A Set

Besides one set of pajamas, I don’t have any clothes that are meant to be a set. I’d prefer a patterned set where the shirt is the same pattern as the bottoms.

5. Basic Bodysuits

Basic bodysuits are a necessity– a necessity I don’t have but need immediately.

6. A Leather Jacket

I haven’t had a leather jacket in years. I feel like they make me look cooler than I already am and can easily amplify any outfit, especially during a night out.

7. A Bold Sweatshirt

I want a sweatshirt just like this but thicker (like an actual sweatshirt). I love the bold colors and how it’s not a simple pattern. Every outfit needs to be comprised of at least one statement piece, and this would be it.

8. A Long Blazer

I love everything about the look a long blazer provides. It makes a very casual look seem less casual but not too professional. Does that make sense? For the fall, I want one on the thicker side.

9. A Sweater with Crazy Sleeves

Again, it goes back to making a statement and being unique. I don’t like these sleeves in particular; I don’t think they would work well with my arms, but I would like something similar to them.

10. A Jacket with a Statement Image on the Back

I know this is oddly specific, but again, (this is probably annoying at this point) it goes back to making a statement. If you wear it right, it will look cute and age appropriate.

11. T-Shirt Dresses

I’ve been looking for these since the start of summer, so this isn’t really appropriate for this list. They are so easy and comfortable to wear. I see them everywhere, but I love the t-shirt dresses with some sort of graphic on them.

12. A Color-blocked Jacket

Over the years, I’ve been told by several people that I make color-blocking work, and I genuinely feel like I could make a jacket like this work. If the colors were a bit more vibrant, I would have already purchased this jacket.

13. A Cape (?)

I’m not sure if it’s called a jacket with a cape or just a cape, but I’ve wanted something like the above image for at least two years now. It would really amplify any time I have to dress professional, and I think I can pull it off.

14. A Couple of Pairs of Really Ripped Jeans

This is definitely not a fall item (depending on where you live), but I feel very concealed when I wear pants day after day after day. I want my legs to breathe without having to wear shorts.

15. An Oversized Denim Jacket

First off, I make the face she’s making on a daily basis. Secondly, I have been trying to find an oversized denim jacket for the longest time now. I know it will become my go-to once I find the perfect one.

Those are the fifteen items I will eventually buy to improve my wardrobe; I have to make my bank account happy first.

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Featured image credit: Emma Matthews

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