My Very Public Diary: September 2019

October 1, 2019

It’s been one year of My Very Public Diary; who knows what will happen.

September 3rd:

Being the new kid is always so awkward, especially since I’m not good at introducing myself. Today I started my new scholarship job, which I really enjoy, and I was introduced to pretty much every person in the office. My period has started, and I am getting over a massive allergy attack (because even though I know I’m allergic to dogs, I still decided to hang around one); keep that in mind. With every introduction, I’m one thousand percent sure my eyes were half-closed, no enthusiasm was in my voice, and good posture was nonexistent. Every introduction was awkward; I’m hoping Thursday goes a lot better and is a lot less awkward.

September 5th:

I was fifteen seconds away from being late to the only class I had today. Considering I literally live down the street from it and woke up three hours before the class began, I don’t know how it happened. Anyway, in my rush to not be late, I fell going up the stairs, and a very (physically) attractive guy saw it all go down. My embarrassment is on ten right now.

September 7th:

I feel really weird right now. Like, I know we should free the nipple and be able to wear what we want without feeling judged, but I still feel weird. I experienced (not the right word but will work for now) a major fashion faux pas. I was wearing a see through jumpsuit to training for one of the clubs I’m in; I decided to wear nipple covers instead of a bra. I didn’t realize you could see the nipple covers through the jumpsuit until I went to the bathroom; I was horrified. They should really make nipple covers for all skin colors and skin types.

It’s later in the day. I am currently sitting at a table under a tent during tailgating for a club I’m not a part of. I just got verbally harassed about a cup– A FREAKING CUP. All sis had to do was be patient.

September 14th:

Aaahhh. I am such an awkward creature; I can’t handle it sometimes. Earlier, I decided to tailgate with my friend again, even though the last thing I wanted to do today was be around people who weren’t my family. Anyway, while we were tailgating, I saw my scholarship job boss, and it’s always weird seeing your boss outside of work, especially in a very casual setting where alcohol is present. He spotted me mid-rant, and it was incredibly awkward. I tried to visibly hide by sliding down in my chair, which made it so much worse because he saw me.

September 30th:

I 100% bled through my high-waisted jeans in a very obvious area. I am so incredibly embarrassed right now. I feel like I made my mark on the chair in the library, and I just… I want to crawl in a tunnel.

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