My Very Public Diary: October 2019

October 31, 2019

It’s officially spooky season, as the Halloween lovers would say. For me, it’s another month to potentially embarrass myself.

October 7th:

This isn’t an embarrassing moment; I just need to write this out because I genuinely can’t believe it. I am currently doing decently well in the class I like the least (well, probably second to least), and I am failing the heck out of a class I thoroughly enjoy. Mind = blown.

October 8th

One-sided friendships are not the move. That’s it. That’s the update.

October 9th

My friend and I were putting our dishes away in The Dining Hall (it’s capitalized because that’s its name). A group of guys were crowded around the entrance; there were like four of them. One of the guys tells the other one, “Stay right there. Stay right there.” Then the guy blatantly checks me out and says, “I like your pants.” I responded with “Thanks” without giving them a single glance because I knew they were checking me out; they made it too obvious. I have a strong, strong dislike for guys who do that. It wasn’t awkward nor embarrassing; it was just uncomfortable.

October 22nd

I just stepped on a dead squirrel. YES! A DEAD SQUIRREL! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!! On top of that, I’m wearing sandals, so I felt its fur touch my foot. I AM DISTURBED!

October 27th

Conversation I had with two guys who came through the drive thru last night and lied about their order being wrong:
Driver: *points to coworker behind me* Hey, is she single?
Me: *turns to coworker* Hey, are you single?
Coworker: What?
Me: *turns back to driver* She’s not.
Passenger: “Are you single?”
Me: *shuts the window*

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