Ten Products You Need in 2020

January 10, 2020

Before we get too deep into the new year, I wanted to share ten products you need to survive twenty twenty.

“Survive” is kind of an intense word, but these products have changed my life for the better, and I think they will help you too.

If you see anything you like, click the link to snag them for yourself, and if you’ve used any of these products before, I would love to know your honest opinion of them.

Myro Natural Deodorant

Price: $10 for 1 pod; if you don’t subscribe, $5 for shipping; if you subscribe, FREE shipping
How it works: Myro creates plant-based natural deodorant and uses a refillable system that cuts down on single-use plastic. You get the case (pictured above) for free, and the deodorant pods are $10. If you subscribe, you pay $10 for one pod, and after that you choose how often you get your refills; it can be 3, 4, or 6 months or whenever you want. You still pay $10 per pod (3 months supply every 3 months = $30), but you get free shipping. If you decide not to subscribe, it’s still $10 per pod with a $5 shipping charge.
The case for the pods come in different colors, and the deodorant pods come in 6 different scents:
– Solar Flare = orange + juniper + sunflower
– Big Dipper = bergamot + lavender + vetiver
– Chill Wave = cucumber + jasmine + spearmint
– Pillow Talk = violet leaf + ylang ylang + wild amyris (this is the scent I use, and I absolutely love it)
– Cabin No. 5 = vetiver + patchouli + geranium
– Open Air = unscented + fragrance free
Why you need it: To keep it simple: it’s amazing. The refillable system is absolutely genius, and for it being an organic company, it isn’t crazy expensive. You’ll smell amazing without having a bunch of harsh chemicals on your body, and best of all, you’ll be helping the planet.
Link: https://www.mymyro.com/

Love Wellness

Price: Varies but kind of on the pricier side
How it works: Love Wellness has a wide range of different products made of natural and organic ingredients that benefit women’s health and wellness. They have different wipes, pills, cleansers, etc. that take care of different areas of women’s wellness, including mood, intimacy, balancing one’s cycle, vaginal health, and metabolism. Products are sold in kits, individually, and can be subscriptions.
Why you need it: I take the good girl probiotics (as seen above), which is supposed to help with vaginal health and simultaneously reduce acne, and IT WORKS. Ladies, if you have been searching for natural, organic products that effectively help your health, check out Love Wellness.
Link: https://lovewellness.com/

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

Price: $4.99
How it works: You apply it on your lips like any other lip balm or lipstick.
Why you need it: It’s fantastic, to say the least. As someone who constantly has chapped lips, this does wonders for moisturizing my lips (more than the regular Burt’s Bees chapstick). Plus, it acts as a lipstick to add color to your lips, and it comes in various colors for different looks.
Link: https://www.burtsbees.com/product/lip-shimmer/37199-00-1.html

My Favorite Night Balm

Price: $7.50
How it works: You apply it to your lips before bed and go to sleep with it on (don’t wipe it off!).
Why you need it: IT WORKS!! Again, I’m someone with super chapped lips, but when I wake up after sleeping with this lip balm on, my lips feel so incredibly smooth and moisturized. After several nights of sleeping with this, I’ve noticed a real difference in my lips. The key to this making a monumental difference is consistency.
Links: I originally got it from Bath & Body Works, but it’s made by Bigelow chemists
Bath & Body Works: https://www.bathandbodyworks.com/p/my-favorite-night-balm-lip-treatment-020846111.html
C.O. Bigelow: Long Link

Bootay Bag

Price: Undies start at $9; bralettes start at $14
How it works: This is another subscription service but for underwear. You can do a one time purchase, which includes paying for shipping, or you can do a subscription service, which includes free shipping. You can choose up to four pairs of underwear to be sent to you every month, starting at $9. They ship every month, but if you need/want to skip a month, you totally can. In addition to the underwear, you can get a bralette for about $14.
Why you need it: They have the most comfortable underwear you will ever own; I promise. The only underwear I wear comes from Bootay Bag because I get a new pair every month without having to go to the store, and I repeat, they are the most comfortable underwear. Plus, their bralettes are A) super beautiful, B) super comfortable, and C) make your boobs look phenomenal.
Link: https://bootaybag.com/

Pillow Mist from Bath & Body Works

Price: $13.50
How it works: You spray it on your pillow and allow a few minutes for it to dry. Then, you lay down and enjoy a wonderful slumber.
Why you need it: I wasn’t sure if this actually worked, but since I went to Bath & Body Works when this was on sale, I decided to try it out. Best. Decision. Ever. After weeks of using this and then a few nights without using this, I noticed I sleep a lot better when I use the pillow mist. I really like the Stress Relief (because I am slowly becoming a eucalyptus addict), but the pillow mist is available in other scents.
Link: https://www.bathandbodyworks.com/p/eucalyptus-spearmint-pillow-mist-023498390.html#q=pillow%2Bmist&lang=en_US&start=9

Morning and Night Eye Gel

Price: $12.95
How it works: After cleansing your face and clearing it of any makeup or residue, you gently massage this under and around your eyes, and you do it twice a day.
Why you need it: It does wonders for under eye bags, dark circles, and any eye wrinkles. When I remember to use it consistently, it does wonders for my under eyes; no one can tell I’ve been up late at night. It has such a cooling effect when you put it on your skin, and you can feel it working.
Link: Long Link

Happy Planner

Price: Varies (depends on which size, which kind, and where you get it from)
How it works: You plan out your weeks, days, months. Some have places to list birthdays while others only have notes pages. Some are fitness planners while others are recipe planners and others are academic planners.
Why you need it: If you need to get organized but don’t know how, get a planner, especially this planner. Happy Planners are super bright, filled with encouraging quotes and colors and can be customized however you like. I’ve always used planners, and out of the many planners I’ve used, this is definitely my favorite.
The Happy Planner: https://thehappyplanner.com/
Hobby Lobby: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Scrapbook-Paper-Crafts/Planners-Accessories/Planners/January—December-2020-Always-Choose-Happy-Happy-Planner/p/80967102

AirPods/Wireless Earbuds

Price: AirPods = $199; Others = approx. $30
How it works: Honestly, they’re just like regular earbuds but don’t have the wire. They connect to devices via Bluetooth.
Why you need it: I never thought I would be someone to like or want wireless earbuds, but here we are. They are revolutionary. I like them the most when I workout. Since I workout at home to different fitness program videos, these really come in handy with following the instructor. I don’t know how to explain it, but it almost feels like the instructor is in your ear.
AirPods: Long Link
Knock-off AirPods: Another Long Link

Blue Light Eyeglasses

Price: Varies
How it works: They’re just like regular glasses but have a special lens to protect your eyes from the blue light digital screens give off. You can get prescriptive and non-prescriptive blue light eyeglasses anywhere, but I love getting mine from EyeBuyDirect.
Why you need it: They protect your eyes, and I think that’s super important, especially with the quick and constant technological advances. Digital screens are popping up everywhere, and to provide even a fraction of eye protection, I recommend getting a pair of GOOD QUALITY blue light eyeglasses, which is why I really love getting mine from EyeBuyDirect.
Link: https://www.eyebuydirect.com/

These are ten products I personally think you need as you venture through the craziness that is/will be twenty twenty. If you try any of them out, I hope they make your life a little bit better.

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