My Day Off

February 13, 2020

On February 8, 2020, I took a self-proclaimed vacation day, which means I didn’t do or think about anything school related for the entire day, and it was amazing.

After the positive results that came from simply taking a day off, I have decided to spend one day each week not doing anything school related; I think it will really help with my mental health, which always takes a bit hit when I’m at school.

Anyway, here is my vacation day vlog:

Some notes from my day off (in order of when they are seen):

Song: “Shower Cap Cutie” by Mona Wonderlick (Soundcloud)

Taking this vacation day showed me the importance of a day off and allowing yourself to do whatever your heart desires. When you’re overwhelmed and/or confused about situations in your life, taking a self-proclaimed vacation day, even if it’s just half a day, works wonders for the brain.

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