How to Completely Change Your Basement Bedroom

During the week of May eighteenth, while I was sick (not COVID) and facing a weird work schedule, I decided to completely redo my basement bedroom.

Last time I did this, I pretty much added my personal items and found stuff in storage to help organize my room. Unlike last time, money was spent to change the entire vibe of the room. Walls were painted. Furniture was moved. Confusion was present.

The goal of the room change was to make the bedroom brighter and reduce the feeling of over stimulation by creating a calm environment.

Here is how it all went down over the course of a week:


The Walls

One of the biggest ways to change up the environment of any room is the wall color choice. Before, the room was an interesting beige/brown with a slight pink undertone. I decided to paint the room a light blue color called “Crescent Blue” from the HGTV Home, Sherwin Williams collection at Lowe’s. I don’t know the price of the paint because my grandparents bought it for me since they get the military discount without hassle.

The Dresser

The dresser is exactly the same, in the same place. I reduced all the junk I had on it. Now, I just keep my night routine essentials and candy in a basket on it. Also, my fish tank and fish supplies are on my dresser, as well as all three of my cameras (my Sony a5100, a disposable Polaroid, and my Polaroid mint). My television, which is a Roku TV, is placed on the far right side of the dresser; it’s the same TV I use in my dorm, and I got it for a little over $200 from Best Buy. Beside the dresser, hidden in the corner, is my stack of shoe boxes I had no idea what to do with, which houses my medicine box and planner on top.

The Window Sill

The goal of the window sill was to minimize everything on it. One side of the window sill keeps all my chapsticks and lip glosses in a candle holder I found around the house (sh, don’t tell my grandma). The other side holds a jewelry holder I found at Michael’s, which is also where I got the couple of fake plants found on the sill; in total, I spent a few cents over $71 at Michael’s for decor pieces. To the left of the window sill, right above the aforementioned stack of shoe boxes, there are seven clear command hooks used to organize my jewelry. It serves as both decor and organization. I got all the command hooks from Home Depot, which is another store where I spent a little over $71.

The Nightstands

The nightstands are still kind of the same. One holds a framed picture, my Jesus Calling book, my Bible, my journals, a jar of candy (from Christmas), and a scrapbook of the family cruise trip. The other nightstand has another framed picture, my stress relief pillow mist (from Bath & Body Works), my essential oil diffuser, my Gemini candle, my iPad, and the book I am currently reading. The lamps are the same, as well as the cloth covering the tables (we ordered news one, but they still haven’t made it yet). Though most is the same, the lamps operate on different light bulbs. They operate on the Phillips Hues light bulbs that can change color and change the warmth/coolness of the bulb’s hue. They were around $14 each, and I also got them from Home Depot; I wanted to get light bulbs I could control from my phone, which has been extremely beneficial and helpful.

The Bed

The biggest thing we did (by “we,” I mean my grandmother and I) is turn the bed ninety degrees, which was a challenge. The bed frame is still the same, and my beloved dreamcatcher is still positioned above the headboard. I bought a white duvet cover and stuffed my old comforter into it, which has really brightened up the space. I use the same brown lounge pillow and Sweet July magazine as bed decor. Simple but cohesive with the room.

The Tiny Desk

The biggest difficulty was finding a desk small enough to fit the corner that wasn’t crazy expensive and would arrive quickly. I ended up purchasing an end table from Amazon for a little more than $20, and it makes the perfect tiny desk, especially since I don’t put my legs under desks’ tabletops. The bottom shelf of the tiny desk holds all my books, and two faux plants I got from Michael’s to act as bookends. Dry erase contact paper from Home Depot is used on top of the desk, and I reuse the chair I already had in my room. Artwork I made with supplies from Michael’s, a chalkboard (also from Michael’s), my inexpensive backpack from Marshall’s, and my beloved Doug the Pug calendar act as wall decor for that corner.

The Wall of Doors

This is the wall with my closet doors as well as the entrance door; they were all painted white with leftover paint my grandparents had sitting in the garage. More command hooks were used to hang up wall decor I got from a local flea market and create a place to hang my car keys. Curtis the Clown is back in my room because I like clowns, and he matched; he’s sitting on top of a white stool gifted to my grandparents by a church member.

This concludes my basement bedroom makeover and everything I did to create a serene environment in a place that once felt like a dungeon. Getting me to stay out of my room after a long day of work is now an impossible task, but I don’t mind.

It felt good to use my degree to create a room that reflects me and who I want to be.

Be you. Be true. Make smart decisions.

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