The SJ Rating

The SJ Rating (SJ meaning Simply Jamilah) is a rating system I came up with for reviewing any products, albums, movies, etc. that I may or may not want to recommend. Side note: I love giving out recommendations; I have an entire page dedicated to it on the blog.

The rating system is broken down into five categories, and each category is worth 20%:
1. Appeal
2. Ingredients
3. Accessibility
4. Other Opinions
5. Interior vs. Exterior


Even though it’s not good to judge, you’re lying if you say you’ve never judged a book by its cover. Literally twenty percent of the rating is dedicated to first impressions. Does it look interesting? Is the packaging good? Does the trailer give away the whole movie, or am I playing a guessing game?


This is kind of where research and excessive googling comes into play. The ingredients necessary for success do vary: actual ingredients, sustainable or not?, material, cast & crew, production, cohesiveness, etc. (there’s literally too many to list)


Out of all the categories, this is the most minor one and is simply for convenience purposes. Did I have to travel around the world to get the product? Go to sketchy websites to watch/listen? At the end of the day, was it easily obtainable?


A major time saver, when it comes to literally anything, is looking at reviews because most of the time, other people aren’t wrong. I look at other reviews and get opinions from other people who have check out an item before I make a decision to A) check it out and B) write about it.


This is the final stage after I’ve already checked out an item, film, work of art. Is the actual product, movie, album, etc. as promising/amazing as it appeared to be? Or was the look deceiving? Did I waste my time?

When I rate things (like all my literary reviews), this is the categorical system I use; I hope this provides more insight on my thinking when reviewing and recommending.

Before you click away, I share a lot of my recommendations (and non-recommendations) as well as snapshot reviews in my weekly newsletters, so if you’re not subscribed, I ten out of ten (100% on the SJ scale) recommend subscribing.

Be you. Be true.

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