A Look into “In the Heights” Looks

On June 13th, 2021, when I decided I was too exhausted to do anything human and “productive,” (although taking time for yourself is productive), I watched In the Heights and absolutely LOVED IT!!

Side note: It’s so infuriating when people and media outlets try to tarnish a movie’s success. People are up Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ass about not casting Afro-Latinos, but can we at least appreciate that a cultural movie of this magnificent caliber is receiving attention? Dare I say, it’s on the same level as 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians, and not because Jon M. Chu directed it.

Before this becomes a place of absolute fury and negativity because I’m tired of people not showcasing the positives and small steps of progression, I want to talk about the style of In the Heights and that of its leading man, Anthony Ramos, with his leading lady, Jasmine Cephas Jones.

Part One: Mitchell Travers

Though it was a little difficult finding the images I wanted, please know that Mitchell Travers, the costume designer for In the Heights, absolutely KILLED IT!! Don’t get me wrong. The entire film was captivating, but I loved the uniqueness each character’s outfits held, including the extras and background dancers. I’ve never seen the Broadway show, so I’m not sure how it compares. However, I am now a fan of Mitchell Travers.

Part Two: Janthony

I think I saw somewhere that “Janthony” is their couple name; I think it could be better, but that’s not what’s important right now.

What’s important is how this subtle power couple has been killing their red carpet looks for a while now. I saw their red carpet look for the premiere of In the Heights, and I immediately took a trip down red carpet memory lane; my favorites from over the years are below. They’re an incredibly stylish duo, and since I know a lot more about women’s fashion, I have to say Jasmine has always killed it. Like, sis really knows how to be sensual without showing every piece of skin. She does such a beautiful job showcasing her curves, and her makeup artist deserves a raise, especially with the dark lip (pictured below).

Fat chef’s kiss to this beautiful couple. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous together, but they also showcase a beautiful relationship to the world. Though their entire lives aren’t splayed on the internet, their love is still incredibly inspiring. Plus, as can be seen in Anthony’s music video for “Mind Over Matter,”( a fave song of mine) the physical chemistry is also off the charts.

via Elle
via Elle

I hope you enjoyed me fangirling a bit. When I see an empowering couple and achievable, unique costuming, I have to talk about it. Fortunately, I have this platform so I can talk (write) about it.

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