Are My Multiple Streams of Income Enough?


At this current moment in time, I have slightly over six dollars in my bank account, and it’s supposed to last me until July 2nd.

I have to rely on one of my credit cards to fill up my gas tank for next week. Though, I try to refrain from using my credit card so my credit score can stop taking hits (shout out to student loans and my inability to say no to the Best Buy worker who calls me her best friend).

I’ve been eating roughly 1 to 1.5 meals a day and either mooch off my family for food or get a large fry from McDonalds (which I know isn’t good for you, but you gotta do what you gotta do).

I’m constantly looking for things to sell for extra money, despite me working three jobs. Here is a break down of the three jobs I work and how much money I make at each:

  • Twice Daily (a gas station): $12.25/hr, working 12 hours per week
  • Amazon: $15/hr, 12 hours per week, last day is July 4th
  • Lowe’s: $16/hr, 40 hours per week, officially started June 22nd

Now, for the break down of the bills I have to pay:

  • Rent: $1261 (my half is $630.50)
  • Gas: currently approximately $30
  • Utilities: averages $100
  • Electric: fluctuates (seems to keep increasing despite me not being home that much…)
  • Car Note: $406.86
  • Car Insurance: roughly $1300 every 6 months (April & October)

I didn’t include my credit card bills nor any of my subscriptions. Fortunately, my grandparents cover my cell phone bill because my phone is under their contract. Plus, I don’t have to start paying on my Discover student loans til early November and my federal student loans until early December. (It would be sick if Biden could pass the student loan forgiveness bill).

This is the part of adulting I was incredibly nervous about. Like, I love financial responsibility and financial independence. However, I don’t like the constant worrying because you don’t see the fruition of your daily hard work immediately, so I’m always worried that I won’t be able to pay my bills one day.

Though I’ve been keeping up with the bills and have kind of been enjoying life, I’m still constantly wondering if my multiple streams of income are enough. Sometimes I forget I get paid for all my work until I check my bank account.

This is a big thing that’s constantly plaguing my brain, especially since I have aspirations of moving out of the state sooner rather than later.

Life and adulting are big ole learning games, and I am submitting myself to the games.

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