The Post-Grad Funk

This is for everyone who graduated from college without a job lined up related to your degree or without intentions of getting your master’s degree.

So, what is the post-grad funk?

It’s simply struggling to get a steady paying job to pay the bills or move away from home like you’ve dreamed about since your guardian started nagging you about the future or finding a husband/wife, not even considering your sexuality.

It’s applying to jobs related to your degree and feeling defeated when there’s no response/rejection. There’s so much impatience as you hope for the day you get away from your crappy Sonic job, even if it means giving into corporate America. Something is better than nothing, especially when it means getting away from customers who spit in your face because the cook accidentally put mustard on their burger.

It’s applying to jobs related to your passion but feeling equally defeated because you don’t feel qualified. Then you doubt your passions and abilities to turn your dreams into a career, mostly because you’re impatient.

You’re lost, in a funk. You don’t want to get out of bed, and you’re simply going through the motions as you float through life. Soon, you realize you haven’t connected with anyone you care about in a while because you dread the questions about how you’re doing and where you’re working.

You didn’t envision a life of making it paycheck to paycheck because you’re working a crappy shift and don’t know what’s happening with your life. In my case, I need to get away from the graveyard retail shift.

Back to school season approaches, and you long for a time when you didn’t have to adult and all the answers were made for you. You weren’t aware of all the troubles around you, all the troubles you’d soon have to conquer.

More than anything, you feel incredibly stuck, especially since you’re in the middle of a pandemic and uncertainty is everywhere.

The hardest thing about the funk is getting out of it, pressing forward, and realizing you just graduated. You have time. Don’t give up hope and continue to work towards achieving the future of your dreams.

To myself, I have time. I won’t give up hope and will continue to work towards a life where I’m working for myself. I’ll get out of retail and find myself in a career that fills me with a tremendous amount of joy, peace, and comfort.

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