5 People You Need in Your Life

This isn’t what you think it is.

These aren’t types of family members and friends and mention of your doctor or dentist or OB/GYN and blah blah blah. As I’ve ventured through this paycheck-to-paycheck adulting thing, I’ve discovered five slightly unconventional people you need in your life.

When I’m rolling in the dough, I hope to consistently have them in my life as well.

1. Nail Tech

It’s important to not only have a go-to nail shop, but you should also have a specific person in the nail shop who never fails to make your nails/toes look good. I am a strong believer that anyone and everyone, no matter the gender, needs to have a routine for a manicure and a pedicure. Of course, if the funds allow for it. Whether you want elaborately decorated almond shaped nails or a simple pedicure with clear polish, it’s important to quickly find a go-to nail tech.

2. Handy Man

I can’t tell you how many times maintenance has come to our apartment to fix things, and we’ve barely lived here for six months; it’s to the point where we get the same maintenance employee. After the issue of them sort of fixing my roommate’s toilet (sort of as in they left the top of the lid cracked and didn’t say anything), they replaced the entire toilet. Since replacing the entire toilet, we have received service from the same handy man, who has never failed us. When I move some time early 2022, I hope I can bring him with me (that sounds weird, so maybe not).

3. Esthetician

Not many people think of this, and it’s giving mad Skinny Confidential energy. Estheticians have a wide range of skills, but I loved the woman who did my facials. Again, if money were no object, I would continue my facial subscription. My skin never felt and looked so good and smooth after seeing L-Train (the only half decent nickname I could come up with for the woman who did my facials). They really help with establishing a skincare routine. For example, she highly recommended only CeraVe products for my skin type, and my skin started clearing up decently well. Towards the end of my “burning my wallet for a good looking face,” my skin was literally glowing from her amazing treatments.

All this is to say, if you have the money, invest in at least a bi-monthly session to see an esthetician.

4. Sales Clerk

Word of advice: visit a store so much that the sales clerk recognizes you. Once you get close enough to where you’re both making a little more than small talk, the sales clerk would more than likely give you the best customer service and sometimes sneak you good deals. Or, in the case of my favorite employee from Target, they could give you recipes for delicious pasta or stuffed peppers. For smaller stores, such as my fave gas station, you could walk up to the register and be told you don’t have to worry about paying. As long as you’re kind, they won’t get annoyed.

5. Therapist

I am a strong believer in the statement that everyone needs therapy. From a research project I did a couple of years ago, I’ve learned that it’s harder for POCs to admit they need help and seek the guidance from a professional therapist… not the wise woman living next door who does questionable things on her front porch. It’s nice receiving advice and perspective from someone who doesn’t know know me personally. You learn a lot about yourself, no matter how self-aware you think you are. It’s truly amazing what it does for your emotional, mental, and physical (and in some cases, spiritual) well-being.

Of course, there are many more regulars you need to have in your life. Honorable mentions include a beautician and a mechanic at your car dealership.

If money weren’t a thing, I would have everyone mentioned above in my life consistently.

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