Results: 2 Weeks of Pamela Reif

This is a 2-week exercise plan created by me, strictly using Pamela Reif workout videos. The goal was to start slow and get my body together after working the graveyard shift for a couple of months.

Full disclosure: this 2 week schedule is from the end of August. This was supposed to be published in September, but September was a weird month for me personally and decided to fly by before I could get on the plane.

When it came to creating the workout, I focused on listening to my body and taking my rigorous work schedule, hobbies, and self-care into account.

As for the actual workouts, I planned for a maximum of 30 minutes of working out each day. If my body could not handle an exercise, I simply skipped it. Also, I don’t weigh myself, so I focused on the overall feeling I was experiencing while working out–not the objective of losing weight or getting toned. I did what Chloe Ting drilled into my head: went slow and steady at my own pace.

Now for the before pictures. I wasn’t at home because of COVID and did not have a tape measure on deck to get my measurements for you. So this go around, we are just going to have to do an image comparison. I am showing my body fully relaxed as well as “sucked in” (can’t currently remember the proper term):

Now, here is the table of all the Pamela Reif workouts I did. The names of the videos are direct links to the videos:

10 Minute Full Body CardioREST DAY30 Minute Evening Walk
(go outside)
10 Minute Abs + Fat Burn
8 Minute Standing Abs
10 Minute Lower Ab
REST DAY10 Minute Best of HIIT
2-in-1 Flat Belly & Round Booty
10 Minute Booty Workout
10 Minute Lower Ab
15 Minute Happy Dance
REST DAY30 Minute Evening Walk
(go outside)
30 Minute Booty WorkoutREST DAY12 Minute Enjoy Cardio
15 Minute Boxing Cardio
10 Minute Legs & Fat Burn
Sexy Arms in 10 Minutes

When it comes to any sort of fitness challenge, it’s important to note that I am not someone who sees immediate and extreme results. In this case, my period started as soon as I completed this self-made challenge, so I was decently bloated and in pain when I took these after pictures:

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding my two weeks of strictly Pamela Reif. One final thing to note: diet plays a major part in weight gain, loss, and toning. A little bit of working out does not create overnight results.

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