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A Girls Trip Staycation

originally written: October 29, 2021
revamped: February 12, 2022

At the beginning of October, I went on a small girls trip. I love traveling, even if it’s a few hours away to an annoying popular vacation spot in my home state. There’s always something to learn and make peace with while traveling.

When everything in life felt like it was going wrong, this trip was incredibly necessary.

This is documentation of one of my favorite girls trips with two people in my family I admire deeply. Hopefully this is the first of many girls trips with these two.

The trip would have been bad if the company weren’t good. Like, there was hardly anyone there who looked like us, and there were very obvious displays of racism. Dealing with all the imperfections of the trip was easy with my two fave ladies by my side.

On this trip, I got the chance to release pent up energy in a safe space surrounded by people I wholly trust. I was able to comfortably be completely myself and let out a little bit of my inner wild side.

As per usual with any time I travel, I learned some things about myself and my life and gained a new perspective. However, this go around, I also allowed myself to be in my head for a little bit, which I rarely do, and had an important moment of internal self-discovery. I normally hate when I get in my head and don’t allow myself to spiral for several reasons, including the fear of having suicidal thoughts.

This time, I allowed myself to spiral, and it helped me grow as a person in a very obvious way.

From pretending to have my first kiss with an astronaut at an overpriced museum to assertively ordering a Route 44 at Sonic like it’s a drink and not the size of a drink, good memories were made on this girls trip. The good vibes served as a temporary distraction from times of trial & tribulation, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Now for pictures!

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