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First Date Outfits for Spring

The male species has been incredibly disappointing recently, so in my own twisted way of dealing with that, I decided to dress up as if I were going on a date with a beautiful gentleman who knows how to communicate and prove he’s trustworthy & genuinely cares.

A girl can only dream.

(Also: the iPhone 13 surely has a unique camera that I’m still learning how to operate the settings of. Give me a second to figure out how to take pictures of outfits when I’m the model and the photographer.)

outfit one

When it comes to a first date, I love casually dressing up. I like taking super casual outfits and adding a dressy element and vice versa. In this instance, I kept the overall vibe of the look pretty casual but dressed it up a little bit with the pearl necklace. The pearl necklace serves as a conversation piece, and I always try to incorporate one conversational element in my outfits, whether it’s for a first date or not.

FIRST DATE: Eating at a super chill, hole in the wall restaurant that serves greasy food. Taking a stroll around a local park to walk some of the fullness from the food off. Finishing with some competition, like an arcade, bowling, go karting, or mini golf.

Shirt: Target
Pants: Plato’s Closet
Sneakers: Fila Disruptor 2
Necklace: My late great-grandmother <3

outfit two

Fun fact: When I bought this jumpsuit, I told the family I was with that I would not wear until I go on my first date, and it’s clear that it’s a first date. I’ve been on dates before, but every date that I’ve been on, I didn’t know it was a date (so I’m sure you can guess how those turned out). Anyway, jumpsuits are always a good idea because they’re bold, comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and have deep pockets (if you pick a good one). Though this is the most comfortable jumpsuit I own, I still haven’t worn it because I am waiting to go on a proper first date.

FIRST DATE: Eating at a sit-down, franchise restaurant (like Cheddar’s). Watching a movie at a theater with reclining seats or at a drive-in theater.

Jumpsuit: New York & Company
Shoes (not pictured): Strappy black platforms from Target
Earrings: Gift from a grandparent?

outfit three

Even in the spring, layering is a good idea. Though there is a dress present, this is an incredibly casual outfit that puts emphasis on a strong spring element–flowers. This dress doesn’t fit me properly, but I love the flowy element of it; it’s easy to maneuver in without the fear of accidentally flashing your date. Shorter dresses are really good for showing off the legs, an element of the female body people find attractive if they’re not looking at your boobs and butt (two departments I lack in).

FIRST DATE: Strolling around downtown. Eating outdoors. Attending a small market you stumble upon. Devouring a milkshake while having deep and goofy conversations.

Dress: H&M
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Black Sneakers: Nike (don’t know the exact kind; Vans or converse would be better)
Earrings: Gift from a friend
Bold Brown Lips: NYX

outfit four

This is definitely for the fancier first dates, especially if your date gives you an idea of the occasion to dress for. When dressing up for a formal-ish first date, I love a long dress with a little surprise, which is normally a slit. With this particular outfit, since the dress is a bit more bold and eye-catching, I kept the jewelry to a minimum. One detail that isn’t photographed too well is the lace at the top of the dress, and since it would expose my nipples (because I think this is technically a night gown?), I layered the same black bodysuit underneath. With a fancy dress comes the need for semi-fancy shoes, and it is heavily important to make sure the shoes are comfortable and can be worn for a few hours. In the simplest way possible, to dress this look down, there is a hair tie on my wrist.

FIRST DATE: Eating at a fancy restaurant, like one that requires a reservation or calling ahead for a table. Talking on the couch for more than an hour after spending dinner engulfed in conversation.

“Dress”: Goodwill
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Shoes: Belk’s? Dillard’s? A department store.

Though I have yet to go an official first date, these are ideas I would wear if my time arises in the spring. They’re comfortable, have the ability to be dressed up or down, and contain a bold element, which shows my inner boldness. When picking any outfit for any occasion, it’s important to remember that the outfit should bring your inner to your outer.

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