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Results: A Month of Standing Ab Workouts

After months of moving homes, small travels, enduring a few funks, & figuring out my priorities for the sake of my mental sanity, I finally got back exercising (which has helped my mental sanity). To get back into the swing of things, I thought I would start with something manageable and did a month of standing ab workouts from four different fitness YouTubers.

This is how my month of April went.


Honestly, I didn’t eat much during most of April. I was going through a massive mental and emotional health struggle and purposely chose to starve myself (I ate as little as possible), which is something I plan on diving into later this month. Right now, my body is still trying to figure out how to respond to receiving nutrients again.


I am not someone who showcases instant results when it comes to losing weight and toning up.


As per usual, I don’t exercise for the sole purpose of losing weight; it gives me a reason to get up and stop the overthinking before it has the chance to begin.


To balance my small social life, unique work schedule, and beautiful passions, I have found that working out before work (yes, my 5 am shift) Tuesdays through Fridays works best for me.

Tuesday: MadFit (2 videos)
Wednesday: Chloe Ting
Thursday: MrandMrsMuscle
Friday: Heather Robertson

Due to living on the second floor of my building, exercising at 3 am, and the fitness center at my apartment complex being temporarily out of order (lol), I had to stop doing high knees halfway through the month, out of respect for my neighbors.


For some reason, I’m feeling a little insecure about showing you my stomach, but I’m trying to fight it.

The “before” was filmed the morning I started, and my stomach was painfully bloated. Like, I did not want to get out of bed but somehow powered through.

The “after” was recorded the morning after a 9:30 pm dinner that consisted of a mac and cheese hamburger and an unruly amount of lemonade.

Beyond what you see above (if you can see any change), I saw a lot more toning in my thighs, which helped with my thigh insecurity.

Even though I did two videos worth of workouts, I didn’t feel anything with MadFit’s workouts. There was a little sweat with Heather Robertson. Chloe Ting definitely had me sweating the most, and I could feel all of my muscle movement with MrandMrsMuscle.

I am incredibly excited for the next monthly challenge, which will be Grow With Jo’s shorter workouts (because I simply don’t have 45 minutes in the morning to workout). My hope is to do a lot more when the fitness center at my complex opens back up, but who knows when that will be.

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