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Valuable Women: Work Moms

One thing I’ve learned in life is the importance of having people you truly value, look up to, and view as a role model.

The hardest part about transferring jobs is the family you leave behind (as one could see in the meltdown I had during my most recent podcast episode, watch below):

It was hardest for me to leave the security of the work moms I saw everyday because they fulfilled the presence and wisdom that I was missing from the strained relationship with my mother. Of course, I have my aunt and grandmother to look up to, but getting away from the genetic ties, I was blessed to have three work moms at my previous store. They all possess different qualities that I admire and look up to.

Funnily enough, all of their names start with “C.”


This fantastic force of a woman seems to have a solution or contact for literally everything; she helped me out with my medical insurance (that I’m scared to use but anyway…). In her own motherly way, she consistently yelled at me for not eating, sleeping, and taking care of my physical health. She was my first female confidant on the team and the first person I said goodbye to, which led to her being the first forehead I cried on. Tuesdays and Thursdays aren’t the same without our exercise & vent sessions. Soon, she will be my go-to esthetician, which means more venting and scolding about the doctor.


I knew she was going to be someone special in my life when I first saw her two days before I actually talked to her. This beautiful woman let me support her son and meet her family, which was a memorable night that brought about lots of firsts. When she saw me sad for the first time, she gave me an aloe plant and stress relief goodies to make me feel better. Before she became my plant soul sister and a mom figure to me, she spent over a decade being the best mom to her three kids; I love watching and hearing about how much she loves her kids and would go to bat for them. She is the best listener and comes through with the mom advice I’ve been yearning for since I could speak. Plus, she taught me a new type of personality to interact with, since she doesn’t show much emotion nor likes hugs, and it’s refreshing.


“Imperfectly perfect for me” is how I would describe this phenomenal woman and her presence in my life. She only cares about the important things in life and teaches me to not overthink and care too much about the small things. Unashamed to authentically be herself all the time, she is the type of role model I’ve always yearned for. When it comes to giving advice, she is assertive without being harsh and doesn’t hold back on telling me what I need to hear. If you look up “hardworking woman” in the dictionary, there would be a picture of her. She is very routinely and made googly eyes at attractive men with me. My source of a second workout would be running to her car to get something she forgot; I would do anything for her–like I would do anything for anybody I care deeply about. Last, but certainly not least, she is one of two people I met through this job who gives the absolute best hugs.

The words of these women stay in my mind as I drive past our old meeting grounds every morning.

No matter your age, I encourage you to find a powerful group of work moms to be there for you and for you to be there for them.

My love for these women is something fierce.

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