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Top Travel Eats #2

The theme this go around is “Carbs & Comfort.” I have foods to share from both coasts this time, and I definitely didn’t stray away from what I usually order with these eats.

Still, for someone who has had many variations of the same dish, these are some of the best I’ve had in my life.

No exaggeration 😉

Destin, FL

Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House

My Order: House Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders

My Love: We were able to get a seat, which is the first major hurdle–I wish I was kidding; we tried going for dinner the previous night, but the place was packed. You have to get there as soon as they open to avoid waiting over an hour for a table, and we were fortunate enough to be seated outside to enjoy the view of the boats and seagulls and people waiting for a table in the sand below. Plus, despite the constant laughter and jokes, there was a certain peace to our meal.

Atlanta, GA


My Order: Chips of Joy

My Love: It’s been a minute since I last had it, but I constantly think about this intensely sweet treat I shared with my friend. It’s almost too sweet but so incredibly delicious–definitely worth the stomach ache afterwards.

Nashville, TN

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden

My Order: Farm Burger with Regular Fries

My Love: This is one of my go-tos if I want to treat myself; I love this place so much that I vow to buy a t-shirt next time I go. One time, I had a rosé strawberry milkshake, which is the best way I’ve had rosé. This is in the top five of best burgers I’ve ever eaten, and there is an option to make the burger turkey or chicken. Plus, the environment and staff are chill and inviting, which made the space super comforting; the waiter literally sat down to take our order.

Clayton, CA

Pavilion Bar & Grill

My Order: Bolognese

My Love: Honestly, the environment wasn’t the best; everyone looked at me like I was a chicken with its head cut off. However, this was some of the best pasta I’ve had this year, even though I sort of burned my tongue. Plus, it made a great pre-concert dish, and I did not find myself wanting to eat the entire four hours I was on my feet.

Boulder, CO

Rooted Craft Kitchen @ Avanti Food and Beverage

My Order: Can’t find it on the menu. Apparently, they change the menu consistently, and I don’t remember what it’s called… maybe Breakfast Burger?

My Love: This is hands down the BEST burger I ate in 2022 (and I’ve had A LOT of good burgers). Also, from my seat, I had a nice view of downtown and shirtless men playing basketball. The great company I was in the presence of made enjoying this burger pretty special too. Though, I definitely wish I had ordered fries; it was literally just the burger.

Mmmmmm. I can’t wait to see what me and my peeps will indulge in next.

I am excited for more new foods, new environments, and new people & interactions.

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