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Breakdown of My Day: 1/9/2023

What better way to start the new year than sharing how I kind of spend each day. I’m still learning how to balance everything and make time for myself while working (quickly) towards purchasing furniture because I’m tired of sleeping on an air mattress.

So in short: I’m a mess, and this is me exposing myself:

7 am – LIGHTS ON

I actually woke up at 6:50 am to stroll and check my usual apps (email, Likewise, YouTube, Insta stories). The lights in my bedroom automatically turn on at 7 am to either wake me up or show me it’s time to stop being lazy and get out of bed.

7:18 am – PASSIONS

After opening the two sources of light in my apartment, I listened to an album I hadn’t heard before (Conditions Of a Punk by Half Alive) while I made some changes to the blog and worked on some projects for my family. Plus, I sent a text to my uncle for his birthday; I love celebrating people on their birthdays and showing them I care, even if it’s through a simple text.

8:20 am – GO TIME

I started getting ready for the day. I have yet to establish a good routine where I take care of all parts of myself, but I at least remember the CeraVe. Oh, and I showered of course.

8:45 am – ALARM #2

There’s a second alarm that goes off to tell me when I have roughly five minutes to leave. I tend to get carried away with getting ready and staring in the mirror as I contemplate literally everything, so this alarm snaps me out of it.

*Pulled out of the parking lot at 8:51 am and got to work at 8:59 am. *

9 am to 5 pm – SALARY JOB

I… worked, and this is all I have to show for it. On this day, I discovered how much I strongly dislike steaming.

5 pm to 6 pm – CONQUERED TO DO LIST

There was an hour window to get some things done, and I took full advantage of it, even though I got stuck in traffic after mailing out the birthday card I filled out in the morning. Plus, there was time for me to read more of the book from The MJ Book Club (considering there’s only two members, the name is a work in progress). I arrived to my second job at 5:34 pm and read for twenty-five minutes.

6 pm to 10 pm – JOB #2

Yep, I took a second job at a grocery store. Ya girl needs furniture, and it’s a lot easier/quicker to get with two jobs. Plus, savings.


There was an Amazon box at my door when I arrived home, and I quickly realized it was a slightly delayed Christmas gift (shout out to my aunt for the bathroom accessories; I now have a place to toss my Q-tips).

10:50 pm – ARGH!!

This is the time I finished a decently frustrating call about medical insurance. There’s an opportunity to throw so much shade here, but I’m resisting temptation.

11:01 pm – WIND DOWN

The electric blanket was plugged in and getting warmed up. I did a small nighttime skincare routine, but it’s not where I want it to be. Again, at least I did CeraVe.

11:14 pm – SLEEP TIME

I set the heat in my apartment to sixty-eight and went to sleep on my surprisingly cozy air mattress.

As the year progresses and I continue this transition into a new, a bit more fun and slightly disorienting, life, I hope to develop a better routine for the mornings and nights. I want routines where it’s very obvious that I’m taking steps to take care of myself and am just a little less of a mess.

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