About SJ

Welcome to Simply Jamilah, a place on the Internet filled with a variety of blog posts, all of which are a genuine, authentic reflection of me.

And by “me,” I mean me, the young woman in this picture taken in a basement hallway. ~~~>

My name is Jamilah, which I have learned to be Arabic for the word “beautiful,” so essentially, the name of this site is “Simply Beautiful.”

Simply Jamilah, or as I will sometimes refer to as “SJ,” is comprised of all kinds of content– all of my interests are on this blog. All of my short stories, travels, embarrassing life moments and more are found on this blog, including links to my podcast, my small shop, and an entire page dedicated to celebrating women.

I am currently twenty years young (born June 17th; I have the pleasure of occasionally sharing my birthday with Father’s Day), and I’m in college, majoring in interior architecture and minoring in radio/TV/film. I currently live in the United States, in the great state of Tennessee (which is also where I go to school). I love music, reading, writing, the color yellow, design, styling, and dogs (even though I’m super allergic).

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and the beautiful world I call Simply Jamilah. If you want to get in touch for any reason (questions, requests, or just to have a simple conversation), fill out the form below, and I promise I’ll get back to you.

Welcome to my world; please be kind to it.

With all my love,


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