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Music is my hero. During some of the worst moments of my life, I listened to music to get me through. When everything was going amazing, I listened to music to celebrate. When it came time to grind and spend hours doing schoolwork, I listened to music and had a dance party with myself to get my adrenaline going. Again, music is my hero, and this is where I get to talk about my hero.

Another form of audio entertainment that has really helped is podcasts (or should it say “are podcasts?”). I’m telling you… when I need to get my life together and have absolutely no motivation, I listen to a podcast and feel rejuvenated and get excited about getting my ish together. Again, this is the space for talking about that.




I Survived My Second Year of College
My second year of college was beyond crazy for various reasons. I decided to do a recap of some of the “highlights” using song.

New Songs I Discovered Thanks to Bonnaroo
Last week, Bonnaroo released their 2019 lineup, and thanks to that lineup, I discovered new songs I now jam to all the time.

Tastebreakers That Made It
Last year, Spotify released a Tastebreakers playlist for everyone to explore other artists and genres. I finally gave mine a listen and decided to share the songs from it that I actually like.

My Top Albums of 2018
One thing 2018 provided was some bomb music, so I decided to share my top ten albums that were released in 2018.


I Am an Empress
One of the best albums I’ve listened to this year is Empress by Ray BLK, a 29-minute album all about self-love that I couldn’t resist doing a review about.


Simply Special #1: Goodbye Past, Hello Future
This was such a spontaneous decision, but I don’t regret it. This is the first episode of Simply Special, an unofficial, amateur “podcast” I decided to create. It’s 100% unedited, so there are for sure several moments when I go off on a tangent.

Simply Special #2: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
A couple of days ago, I witnessed what I consider a blatant example of disrespect (AT A FUNERAL) and needed to talk about it because I was beyond baffled.

Simply Special #3: Have Your Rolls and Eat Them Too
For this episode of my knock-off podcast, I talk about bodies and struggle with articulating my thoughts in order to do so.

Simply Special #4: Deleting It All
During this episode of my knock-off podcast, I decided to talk about how refreshing it is to take time away from social media.


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