Among my many loves (and I mean MANY), food has to be in my top five. If I’m at a family reunion and a pan of macaroni and cheese is set in front of me, there is a 99.9999% I will be the person to eat it all. That’s just a testament to my love of food, and this is where I get to talk about it.

WARNING: I am a normal eater (?). Meaning, I am NOT vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, or anything like that.


Five Ingredient French Toast
This is my very first recipe I’m sharing on the Internet, and I am so excited. This is a quick guide to creating amazing French toast with only five ingredients.

Egg-cellent Eggs
This is a quick and easy recipe for creating some spectacular eggs, or as I liked to call them, egg-cellent.


My Three Go-to College Dining Hall Meals
With the school semester winding down and me running out of food, I have been going to my university’s dining hall a lot more. These are my three go-to meals.


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