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Welcome to Simply Jamilah, a place where a young Black girl tries to figure out this thing called adulting while learning to embrace who she’s meant to be. Through varying kinds of writing and content creation, I (Jamilah) am learning to express who I am, and I want to encourage everyone to do the same; I am here to welcome you with open arms in a world that constantly tries to tear you down. Simply Jamilah is my world, a melting pot of all sorts of content that’s either super personal, super helpful, or super random. Thank you for coming to my humble abode, a place where judging is not allowed, good vibes are always encouraged, and honesty is most important. As I venture through life, I am learning how to not hold anything back, how to be the realest me I can be, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

-With love, Jamilah

recs & regrets

REGRET: Pretty Smart
RECOMMEND: These Things Happen Too by G Eazy
RECOMMEND: Live On Ice by tobi lou
MEH: Music of the Spheres

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