I’ve been a single Pringle all my life… yet, here I am dedicating an entire page to love.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.


Here is where you will find all of my blog posts related to love, most of them being romantic love (because love can also be associated with friendships and other relationships). I am a huge hopeless romantic and lover of love, and this is where my single heart can express everything related to that and more.

Feeling Unworthy
I wrote this a week ago when I was a state away in North Carolina and found myself deep in my feelings. I needed to write to deal with my emotions.

Porter Williams
I’ve been pretending to be engaged for a week, and I have tricked a few customers into thinking I am actually engaged. Read all about it.

I Purposely Put Myself in the Friend Zone
With Valentine’s Day a week away, as a single, I wanted to talk about being in the friend zone.

Be Single
As a single Pringle who is constantly around and observing people in romantic relationships, I have found a few benefits that come with living the single life, and I wanted to share my discoveries.

A Letter to My Future Husband
This one’s for you hubs.

I Want to Fall in Love
I know I can’t be the only girl who mentally conjures up the person she wants to fall in love with. Here are my potluck thoughts.

Why I’ve Always Been Single
This is a list I came up with in the middle of the night of 20 potential reasons as to why I’ve always been single.

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