Monthly Favorites

*The end of twenty nineteen brought about a few discoveries that will definitely be coming with me into the new year.


Song Exploder

*I learned about this podcast from Claudia Sulewski, and I think it’s so cool. An artist completely dissects a song and explains the lyrics and the production and pretty much the entire process behind creating the song. At the end of the episode, you get to hear the entire song, and I find it so interesting. If you’re super into music, I definitely recommend checking out this podcast.


Romance by Camila Cabello

*To be quite blunt, this album kind of flopped after it was released. It didn’t pull the numbers it was hoping for, and after a lengthy Twitter thread, people were convinced she copied several other artists for this album and some of its performances. Still, I really like this album; it genuinely feels like the beautiful roller coaster that is romance. “Easy” is currently my favorite song from the album because I find it relates to my (nonexistent) love life quite a bit. Before you hate on Camila or this album or love or romance, I recommend checking out this album.

Another Album:

Heavy Is The Head by Stormzy

*Stormzy is one of my two favorite UK artists (Jorja Smith being the other one; always open for UK artist recommendations), and this album is a beautiful example of his talent. He is a genuine lyricist, and I find his music addictive. Like, I can’t listen to a song or album only one time; I have to keep listening. Right now, “Crown” and “Superheroes” are what I have on repeat, but I’m sure there’ll be a different song I’ll have on repeat next month.

Comedy Special:

Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America!

*In my opinion, this is an extremely hilarious Netflix comedy special. I love watching minor comedians make stereotypical jokes because they are super accurate and super hilarious. The only other Asian comedian I knew of was Ken Jeong; I can now add Ronny Chieng to the list. If you don’t understand the stereotypical jokes (or just don’t find anything funny), you won’t laugh during this special the way I did.


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