My Very Public Diary: Year One

These are all of my embarrassing, awkward, crazy, etc. moments from the first year of Simply Jamilah’s Very Public Diary.

September 2018
I decided to start a new thing on this blog where I relieve a super intense emotion I feel, which is pretty much embarrassment, awkwardness, and regret. This is My Very Public Diary.

October 2018
Fortunately, nothing too embarrassing happened this month, but there are definitely some venting sessions.

November 2018
November was a difficult and kind of weird month, but I survived… sort of.

December 2018
2018 wasn’t it; let’s see how “well” I ended one of the worst years of my adulting life.

January 2019
The start of the year wasn’t perfect, but it could’ve been worse. If anything, there were just a lot of emotions.

February 2019
Honestly, February wasn’t too horribly awkward and embarrassing. I needed this break.

March 2019
Fortunately, this month had less embarrassing/awkward moments. Unfortunately, I got stuck in my head a lot.

April 2019
I didn’t end the semester on the worst possible note, which I feel really good about.

May 2019
May was less of an embarrassing month and more of me feeling hecka insecure and outsider-ish.

June 2019
June definitely had its fair share of awkward and embarrassing moments, and there was even a time where I was just straight up uncomfortable thanks to a customer at work.

July 2019
Between moments at work and Black Church Week, July definitely had its fair share of awkward and uncomfortable moments. I am cringing thinking about them.

August 2019
The final month of summer job woes; although, there was a bit of good news this time around.

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