Welcome to Simply Jamilah, a happy place that demonstrates what it means to be one’s authentic self and to express who you are without feeling fearful. This website has all sort of content, from style and travels to book reviews and potentially damaging public letters. Welcome to the melting pot; have a look around.


Anything and everything related to style. The Closet goes beyond fashion and trends; it’s about embracing and expressing yourself.

This is pretty self explanatory. These are reviews of all the books I choose to read (because I read for fun).

All of my travels, both local and international, as well as anything related to interior design and creating beautiful places.

A collection of different “How to…” things I’ve learned as I venture through the wonderful world of adulthood.

A combination of public letters to specific people and just random bits of venting. Kind of what people use Twitter for.

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A Productive Day in My Life

Not long ago, I showcased one of my “vacation” days, where I made sure I didn’t do any kind of homework.

This time, I wanted to show one of my productive days on campus.

Enjoy a typical Monday in my life, featuring live footage of me being an awkward bean, stealing someone else’s chair in class, and eating in a classroom I’m not allowed to eat in.

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Rainbow Outfits of the Week

This week, I challenged myself to wear every color of the rainbow. With all the drama surrounding the virus, I found finding any sort of outfit this week to be even more challenging.

Check out the craziness that was this past week.

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