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Outfits of the Week: February 3rd

February 8, 2020

These are all the outfits I wore the week of February 3rd... there's not much else to add. Hope you enjoy.…

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Lawren S.

February 7, 2020

Lawren S. was Simply Jamilah's January 2020 Hidden Gem. Here is the full interview with the questions in the order they were asked.…

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To the Boy I Thought Would Be My Forever

February 6, 2020

In honor of Valentine's Day, this letter goes to the boy I thought would be my forever.…

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Flipping Through My Ticket Book

February 4, 2020

A while ago, I started collecting movie tickets, and I honestly don't know why. I think I might have been seeing a few pictures on Pinterest where people hung them on their walls, kind of like the Polaroid walls, but I never got around to doing that. Soon, the movie tickets started to mean more to me. Then, any sort of ticket or paper token started…

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Outfits of the Week: January 27th

February 1, 2020

For someone who talks about loving fashion and style so much, I don't really show it. That's about to change. I want to start sharing my outfits of every week (I don't know if that sentence is grammatically correct, but oh well). By "week," I mean Monday through Friday; my weekends consist of either my pajamas or an outfit that has some sort of sweat material.…

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My Very Public Diary: January 2020

January 31, 2020

This isn't the worst start I've had to a new year; though, I still managed to put my foot in my mouth.…

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