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i graduate one year from today… AAAHHH

May 6, 2020

After a rough morning and many shed tears (thanks to finals week and my poor choice in major, which we've discussed many times), I had a realization. I graduate from college one year from today. To cope with the realization that time is going by fast and I'll have to start fully adulting soon, I did what I do best. I turned on a camera and talked…

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Review of My Third Year of College

April 30, 2020

From being completely screwed over by an advisor to working at Wendy's for a little over a month to going on a couple of trips with friends to immediately evacuating because a Pandemic is taking over the world, this semester was a little crazy. It brought great memories, important life lessons, and lots of self-growth. This is a review of my third year of college in…

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My Very Public Diary: April 2020

Everything bad that happened this month is technology's fault... minus a small verbal blunder.…

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To My Small Crush

April 28, 2020

To My Small Crush:…

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How to Handle a Confrontation

April 23, 2020

I am not an expert on confrontations, but after experiencing being the confronter and the confrontee, I learned a few things that will make having those difficult conversations a little easier. Confrontations are never fun; there is a way to come out of them without anyone getting hurt or angry, and there could even be some self growth as a result.…

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I Like to Pretend

April 21, 2020

When I daydream, I pretend, and at this current point in time, I like to pretend. This is a small look into my world of daydreams.…

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