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A Brief Spring Break Trip

March 23, 2020

As I mentioned in my last blog post where I showed mostly everything I wore during spring break (minus the drool covered pajamas), most of my spring break plans were destroyed. However, my friend and I still decided to go on our quick trip to Asheville, North Carolina. This is a recap of our short, fantastic trip to Asheville (hopefully I get everything right).…

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Spring Break Outfits: 2020

March 21, 2020

Spring break definitely didn't go as planned. My friend and I still did our trip to Asheville, but everything else was pretty much cancelled. I started my spring break in a tiny house in Weaverville, NC and ended my spring break in my bedroom in my grandparents' basement where there is only one tiny window as a source of light. With all that being said, enjoy a…

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I Can’t Breathe

March 19, 2020

Being dealt a series of unfortunate events is not easy. This short story, told by a young woman, kind of explores that.…

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To the Sister Turning Seventeen

March 17, 2020

To the Sister Turning Seventeen:…

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A Productive Day in My Life

March 16, 2020

Not long ago, I showcased one of my "vacation" days, where I made sure I didn't do any kind of homework. This time, I wanted to show one of my productive days on campus. Enjoy a typical Monday in my life, featuring live footage of me being an awkward bean, stealing someone else's chair in class, and eating in a classroom I'm not allowed to eat in.…

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Rainbow Outfits of the Week

March 14, 2020

This week, I challenged myself to wear every color of the rainbow. With all the drama surrounding the virus, I found finding any sort of outfit this week to be even more challenging. Check out the craziness that was this past week.…

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