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How I Plan Each Week

January 28, 2020

Sunday afternoon is my time for self-care. I do an in-depth skincare routine, watch a movie with myself (normally a rom-com), and spend an hour planning the week ahead. I wanted to share my four-step system for effectively planning out each day of the week.…

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Let’s Talk About The Grammy’s

January 27, 2020

This was the year of the O'Connells, and Kobe was honored. These are my standout moments from the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, both the great ones and the not-so-great ones.…

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Time for a WorkParty

January 23, 2020

This is a review of WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams by Jaclyn Johnson. It is a phenomenal nonfiction work, and I hope this review does it justice.…

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A Bit of an Update…

January 20, 2020

I didn't know what to title this, but it's not as intense (I guess) as the title sounds. This is just a simple announcement/update video for all things Simply Jamilah.…

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Thoughts on 2020

January 10, 2020

I always get a vibe for a year based on how the first few days go. This year, instead of keeping my thoughts about how the year will go to myself, I figured I would share them with the Internet.…

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Ten Products You Need in 2020

Before we get too deep into the new year, I wanted to share ten products you need to survive twenty twenty. "Survive" is kind of an intense word, but these products have changed my life for the better, and I think they will help you too.…

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