Reacting to My College Outfits

To kickstart another consecutive five days of SJ writings (better known as the first Simply Jamilah fashion week), I decided to reaction to some college fashion videos I made on Simply Jamilah some years ago.

Sex, the Foundation of Love?

While I was stuck in an airport for thirty hours and taking three different flights overnight to return home, I took part in The Read and Return Program.

The book I chose was Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, a popular author on the internet right now, and here is my review.


It’s been 5 YEARS of Simply Jamilah (it blows my mind every time I think about it). This is my massive thank you, back story, and a super tiny hint of what’s left to come.

I Am Not Okay

This is a book review of This Close to Okay by Leesa Cross-Smith, a highly praised fictional novel that I can’t give much praise.

Thank you, Sex Education

One of my main goals for the summer was to binge Sex Education on Netflix.

I know it’s very weird, but I finally accomplished it! As I watched the show, I found that it was about more than teenagers having sex.

I liked it so much that I started taking spastic notes, which I decided to share with you.

Gift Giving

To round out my week-long discussion and personal experiences with the five love languages, I discuss gift giving.

Spoiler alert: I am the worst gift giver known to humankind.