May 1, 2021

Why I exist? What is happening?

I’ve been thinking heavily about my existence recently and had to record my thoughts. Here is my audio transcription from May 1st, 2021, while I was at a wedding in Florida.

David Has My Entire Heart

This is a book review of What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum. What to Say Next is an adorable young adult romance that takes you on an emotional ride you’re not prepared for.

January 24, 2021

After an intense panic attack, I took to recording a personal voice message to calm myself down and verbalize the thoughts that were overwhelming my mind.

Welcome to my mind.

Results: A Month of Kyra Pro Workouts

Almost six months later, I am finally sharing the next installment in my fitness journey.

In September 2020, I did an entire month of Kyra Pro workouts while balancing being back at school and at work. This is my experience and results.

Unity? Security? Prosperity?

This is an honest book review of Internment by Samira Ahmed. Internment does a beautiful job of providing a new perspective in the conversation of inequality. However, it took me MONTHS to power through it, and there’s a reason why.

Read more for the full review.

I Caved & Watched Bridgerton: A Review

I’m that annoying person who tries not to cave into anything that is popular among the media and society, like Tik Tok (still haven’t downloaded it yet).

However, when it came to Bridgerton, I caved as soon as I got a glimpse of the Duke of Hastings and managed to watch the entire show with hour-long episodes in two days.

With the help of memes and links, I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions of the wildly popular Bridgerton.