Simply Special

Simply Special is my knock-off podcast… pretty much audio recordings I do in my bedroom. Each episode deals with a different topic and is accompanied with three song suggestions (I try to incorporate music in every way I can).

When I read blogs or books, I am often curious about how the author sounds. This is a way for you to put a voice to the words/pictures.

Right now, I am in my first season of Simply Special, and each season consists of twelve episodes.

Check out season one below:

EPISODE 1: An Introduction

Goodbye Past, Hello Future

This was such a spontaneous decision, but I don’t regret it. This is the first episode of Simply Special, an unofficial, amateur “podcast” I decided to create. It’s 100% unedited, so there are for sure several moments when I go off on a tangent.

EPISODE 2: Respect


A couple of days ago, I witnessed what I consider a blatant example of disrespect (AT A FUNERAL) and needed to talk about it because I was beyond baffled.

EPISODE 3: Body Love/Body Confidence

Have Your Rolls and Eat Them Too

For this episode of my knock-off podcast, I talk about bodies and struggle with articulating my thoughts in order to do so.

EPISODE 4: Social Media

Deleting It All

During this episode of my knock-off podcast, I decided to talk about how refreshing it is to take time away from social media.

EPISODE 5: Faking It

Faked It Til I Made It

This episode is a little different from the others. I have something coming up in a couple of days, and I’m nervous about it. This gives you a glimpse into what’s made me who I am.

EPISODE 6: Menstruation

Shark Week

During this sixth episode of Simply Special, I wanted to talk about shark week, and it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

EPISODE 7: Acting Different

In Varying Company

In my own unique way with words, I decided to talk about how people act different depending on who they’re around.

EPISODE 8: College

The Dull

The longer I stay on my university’s campus, the more I regret attending this school.

I am at a point in my college journey where I am absolutely stuck, and I needed to talk to someone about it. I couldn’t think of anyone so I grabbed my mic, and here we are.

EPISODE 9: Melanin

Black Queens

I love my melanin, and I look up to other women who look like me. For this episode of Simply Special, I just wanted to (positively) talk about my black queens.

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