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How to Turn Your Home-Room Into Your Room

Considering I got booted out of my dorm and will be living in my room in my grandparents’ basement until August, I thought this blog post would be a good idea.

After moving out and transferring somewhere to stay for a long period time, I think it’s important that your living quarters feel like you… like home.

Here are three things I did to make my basement bedroom feel a little bit more like me.

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A Brief Spring Break Trip

As I mentioned in my last blog post where I showed mostly everything I wore during spring break (minus the drool covered pajamas), most of my spring break plans were destroyed. However, my friend and I still decided to go on our quick trip to Asheville, North Carolina.

This is a recap of our short, fantastic trip to Asheville (hopefully I get everything right).

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Flipping Through My Ticket Book

A while ago, I started collecting movie tickets, and I honestly don’t know why. I think I might have been seeing a few pictures on Pinterest where people hung them on their walls, kind of like the Polaroid walls, but I never got around to doing that.

Soon, the movie tickets started to mean more to me. Then, any sort of ticket or paper token started to mean more to me; they became memories. After a while of transporting my tickets with me in a small paper bag, I decided to buy an inexpensive bullet journal from Lifeway to store them all in.

I wanted to share some of my pages/memories with you.

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