Entertainment Recommendations

With everything going on, we are still in the midst of a pandemic (enter Corona Chaos). Though people’s time is currently being occupied by fighting for Black Lives, I still compiled a list of books, albums, podcasts, television shows, and movies you could check out.

This isn’t everything/everybody, and I’ll definitely do a part two.

For now, I think this is a good start.

I Like to Pretend

When I daydream, I pretend, and at this current point in time, I like to pretend.

This is a small look into my world of daydreams.

How to Have Your Own Music Festival

It’s music festival season, but thanks to Corona Chaos, all festivals are either postponed or cancelled.

Even though I wasn’t going to any music festivals, I decided to throw a mini music festival with myself, and here’s how I did it.

Two Quarantined Days in My Life

Like most, if not all, college students in the world right now, I am finishing my semester online.

Even though I don’t step out of my house, every day at Zoom University during quarantine is different. I wanted to share a tentative Tuesday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday in my life while attending online school.

How to Occupy Your Time During Quarantine

It’s time to stay home and take a much needed break from life. It is very unfortunate that the unemployment rate is rising and the economy is suffering, but I genuinely think we’re all safer at home.

Since most of the world is stuck in their houses, I created a short list of activities you could do during this time. These are meant to be accomplished in your free time; I know quite a few people are in online school or working from home, and those assignments should definitely be your first priority.