Six a.m. Work Day in My Life

Working retail has completely taken over my summer.

At the beginning of the month, I filmed a little vlog of one of my six am work shifts, where I have to be awake at four am and in bed by nine pm.

What 2019 Taught Me About Blogging

Simply Jamilah underwent a couple of changes in twenty nineteen. They weren’t the changes I was expecting, but I’m happy they happened.

Though only a couple of changes happened this past year, I learned a lot about blogging in twenty nineteen, and I wanted to share everything I learned with you.

My Dream Condo

I’ve never been one to envision myself living in a house. If the day were to arise where I bought a house with my future husband, I wouldn’t be against it. For now, I dream of living in a condo where every room is an explosion of color and elegantly eclectic.

I thought this would be a good way to utilize some of what I learned in my major (which isn’t much, too be blatantly honest). We do a lot of creating floor plans in Revit, but unless I am building the condo complex, I can’t really determine the floor plan of my future condo.

Therefore, this post is more focused on inspiration for the interiors of every room.

The Story of My First Tattoo

I recently published my November recap where I revealed that I got my first tattoo, which many people didn’t see coming. As of right now, only about eight percent of the people in my life know I have a tattoo. I think people think I’m either too scared or too Christian (whatever that means) to get a tattoo, but here we are.

Today, I wanted to share my experience getting my tattoo as well as the meaning behind it.

How To Stop Spending Money

Sometimes I get into these spending “situations” (situations is definitely not the right word, but I can’t think of the proper one at the moment) where I make several purchases while going a long period of time without making money. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s pretty much spending money I should be saving/spending money I don’t have.

To get out of these “situations” (still can’t think of the right word), I do certain things to remember I’m a broke college student.

Here’s how to stop spending money.

Kristen B.

Kristen B. was Simply Jamilah’s November 2019 Hidden Gem. Here is the full interview with the questions in the order they were asked: