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Welcome to “The Blog,” the main meat of Simply Jamilah, where all aspects of SJ come together on one page.

The beautiful home page provides the most recent blog posts, no matter the category.

However, “The Blog” is the central location of all blog posts on their respective (?) pages:
* Style
* Going Places
* Stories + Books
* Love
* And More!

All of the pages are linked below with their descriptions and a couple of recent posts.

Enjoy! <3


My diary is a place where I put my embarrassing moments, incidents of awkwardness, and everything alike on the internet.


I have gone down the wrong path of disappointing myself, which doesn’t make for a good life. I needed to write about it and get this burden off my shoulder. It’s time for me to bounce back.

My Very Public Diary: July 2019
Between moments at work and Black Church Week, July definitely had its fair share of awkward and uncomfortable moments. I am cringing thinking about them.


Traveling, whether it be international or down the street to the grocery store, has always been a favorite of mine. This is where I get to document all my favorite places and traveling endeavors.


Midweek JoBros Adventure
Earlier this month, I took a quick overnight trip with a friend to Nashville, Tennessee to see the Jonas Brothers in concert, and the entire trip was perfect.

Black Church Week 2019
At the end of July, I went to Black Church Week in Ridgecrest, North Carolina for the third year in a row. Here is a recap of how that trip went.


Ahhh literature, how I love thou. Writing has always been a big passion of mine, and reading has always been my favorite past time. On here, both worlds collide.


I Love You
This short story, if you can even call it that, is a bit different from some of my other short stories. It’s shorter than the others, and there is no dialogue.
Give it a read.

Everything Option B Has Taught Me
Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant crafted a phenomenal book, and I wanted to share everything I learned from it.


Where my love for self expression and all things style is contained.


How to Look Effortlessly Beautiful
We live in a society where it is easy to compare ourselves with other people and want to look like who we are comparing ourselves to. I wanted to share how you can look just as beautiful as the person you are comparing yourself to.

A Series of Mirror Selfies
I spent a week taking mirror selfies to document the outfits I wore on my trip across the seas.


I am constantly being inspired by women and young girls of all kinds. To honor my inspirations, I give them a shout out on this page and leave it there for the entire month.


Every month, I find something (or shall I say some things) new to fall in love with. When I find something new and incredible, I want to share it with the world, and this is where I get to do that.


Four letters that melt my heart, even though my love life is pretty much non-existent. Still, I like to write about love and my singleness. All of that, with a little more, can be found on this page.


Feeling Unworthy
I wrote this a week ago when I was a state away in North Carolina and found myself deep in my feelings. I needed to write to deal with my emotions.

Porter Williams
I’ve been pretending to be engaged for a week, and I have tricked a few customers into thinking I am actually engaged. Read all about it.


I would like to think “unboxed” is a unique name for the miscellaneous category. This is where you will find categories that didn’t have that oomph to be a page of their, so they became sub-categories. From music to blogging, the rest can be found right here.


Black Minds Matter
As I round out the first week of school, I wanted to discuss something that traveled through my mind all week– something made aware thanks to an episode of Grown-ish.

To: Summer 2019
This is a letter of appreciation to Summer 2019.

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