All Movies I Watched in 2020

As we finish one of the weirdest years in history, I wanted to share all the films I watched this year, ending with the Death of 2020.

Some of the movies were a waste of time, and some of them I watched more than once. Thanks to streaming platforms, I will watch them again in 2021.

All Albums I Listened to in 2020

As we round out a year of confusion and uncertainty, I wanted to share a list of all the albums I listened to for the first time in 2020 (with an emphasis on my absolute favorite ones).

Some were good, and some were bad; regardless, these albums allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and hide from the world falling down around me.

Good & Bad COVID Purchases

Because I’ve been spending so much time at home, I’ve been spending so much time online shopping.

With the many purchases I’ve made since COVID took over the world, I’ve discovered some amazing and awful products, and I decided to share them with you.

This is America… in a Book

This is a book review of the beautiful Dear Martin, written by Nic Stone. It is incredibly relevant and brilliant in every way possible.

Results: 30 Days of Just Dance

After stalling and low key procrastinating for quite some time, I am finally posting my fitness challenge from August.

For the entire month of August, I played Just Dance as a form of exercising. This is my journey and the results.

The SJ Rating

This is a brief breakdown of the categorical system I use to rate products, music, works of art (the SJ Rating is most commonly seen on my literary reviews).