Don’t Get Tricked By the Title

This is a book review of The QB Bad Boy and Me, a young adult romance novel written by Tay Marley.

Yes, I know the title is very… different, to say the least, but you can’t get tricked by the title.

Time for a WorkParty

This is a review of WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams by Jaclyn Johnson. It is a phenomenal nonfiction work, and I hope this review does it justice.

Ranking All the Books I Read in 2019

Twenty nineteen was the year I got back into reading books. I’ve always enjoyed reading (for leisure, not textbooks), but I stopped when I started college. This year, I got back into reading again, and I’m so happy I did. Not only have I gotten back into reading books, but since I have this platform, I decided to write reviews of all the books I read.

To finish this year of leisure literature, I decided to rank all six of the books I read this year.

St. Clair

To help with the inevitable boredom I’d have to face on my trip, I bought a book I didn’t think I’d like– Anna and the French Kiss. Here is my review of it.