Results: Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred Challenge

During this time of quarantine, I haven’t stopped working out.

I decided to do Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred Challenge, which honestly took me more than two weeks, and here are the results.

Final Outfits of the Week

For the final week of my “Outfits of the Week” mini series situation (?), I decided to create outfits that consist of hand-me-down items I’ve been given.

No matter how much older I get, I will always appreciate used, hand-me-down items.

Spring Break Outfits: 2020

Spring break definitely didn’t go as planned.

My friend and I still did our trip to Asheville, but everything else was pretty much cancelled. I started my spring break in a tiny house in Weaverville, NC and ended my spring break in my bedroom in my grandparents’ basement where there is only one tiny window as a source of light.

With all that being said, enjoy a chaotic video of my spring break outfits.

Rainbow Outfits of the Week

This week, I challenged myself to wear every color of the rainbow. With all the drama surrounding the virus, I found finding any sort of outfit this week to be even more challenging.

Check out the craziness that was this past week.

Employment Outfits of the Week

Considering we’re hours from entering a new week, this outfits of the week from last week is a *teeny* bit late.

Anyway, I decided to challenge myself with this week’s outfits and dress according to different places of employment.

A Few Thrifting Tips

Most of the time, I walk into a Goodwill or thrift store and wing it when it comes to thrifting.

I’ve experienced quite a few thrifting woes and wanted to share some tips so you don’t experience my thrifting errors.