You know those group of misfits in every teen, high school movie that exists? The group made of different people that all band together because they don’t have a designated clique to sit with in the cafeteria?

Yeah. This page is exactly like that group of misfits.

Sometimes I find myself writing about random things that don’t really need their own category, or I know I won’t write enough of a certain topic for it to get its own page.

This is where all those “random things” come to stay; they don’t belong in a particular box, so they get to roam freely on this page (…well, in sub-categories).


2018 Songs of the Summer
Pretty soon the youngins will be headed back to school, which means it’s back to school season and almost time for me to head back to college. Before that time is officially here and must be accepted, I wanted to share my favorite songs from Summer 2018.

My Top Albums of 2018
One thing 2018 provided was some bomb music, so I decided to share my top ten albums that were released in 2018.

Tastebreakers That Made It
Last year, Spotify released a Tastebreakers playlist for everyone to explore other artists and genres. I finally gave mine a listen and decided to share the songs from it that I actually like.

NF Songs for Every Occasion
If I had to pick a favorite rapper, it would definitely be NF, no doubt about it.

One reason I repeatedly listen to his music and absolutely love him is because his music is relatable. There is at least one NF song that everyone can relate to.

Here’s a list of NF songs and their meanings (according to me).


Reviews of Every Movie I Watched and Every Album I Listened to
The final summer related blog post (at least for 2018). Another thing I did this summer was listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of movies, so I figured I do a brief review of them all.

Something New: Movie Review
I just recently watched a movie called Something New, and I had to do a review of it.


Why Keep Trying?
This is often a question I get asked (and ask myself) when it comes to blogging. However, this time, I have finally created a blog that satisfies me.

I am a Writer
I came to the realization that I, indeed, am a writer, and it feels good.

Blogs You NEED to Follow
As we end the first month of the new year, I wanted to share my absolute favorite blogs that you totally need to follow. To make it better, they were all created by women.

How to Blog like a Boss
The Art of Blogging originally posted this article, and I just had to share it. As soon as I read “Break free from social conditioning,” I knew this was advice that any blogger could benefit from and felt the need to share it.

Being a Closeted Blogger
Simply Jamilah has been in existence since August of 2017, and a majority of my family still don’t know about it. Keeping this blog in the closet is kind of difficult, and it’s all because I’m a scaredy cat.

Simply Jamilah got a makeover, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful team at Blogerize. I learned so much from my time working with them and wanted to talk about it.


It’s Finally Over!!
I am finally done with my first year of college, and I couldn’t be more excited. Here is a brief overview of moments during my freshman year and how I felt about them with the use of song.

The Problem with Constant Comparing
Something I’ve had a bit of a problem with, especially since I started college, is comparing myself to my peers. Today, I wanted to talk about it and why constantly comparing is a bad thing.

What I Learned from Fall 2018
After a month away from campus, it’s time to head back to school to start a new semester. Last semester I learned some valuable lessons I plan to carry with me this semester and throughout life, and I thought I’d share them.

The Purge
One of my goals for the new year was to clean house, and this is documentation of that, which I call The Purge.

Talking About Sensitive Topics at Work
I am a student worker on my college campus, and I have a bit of an issue with a coworker. I needed to vent about it.

An Evening with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Last week, my university hosted a moderated Q&A with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Civility Week. Here are some of the highlights.

I Survived My Second Year of College
My second year of college was beyond crazy for various reasons. I decided to do a recap of some of the “highlights” using song.

Black Minds Matter
As I round out the first week of school, I wanted to discuss something that traveled through my mind all week– something made aware thanks to an episode of Grown-ish.


This is What I’m Not
I’m not sure what compelled me to write this, but I’m so happy I did. It was beyond relieving. It’s also simple and short.

19 Things I Learned By 19
Not only is today a day to celebrate fathers and fatherly figures, but it is also my birthday. Since it is my birthday (go geminis!), I wanted to share nineteen things I’ve learned over the past nineteen years.

Simply Jamilah… and Simply Confused
After over a year of having this beautiful blog, I am finally sharing the meaning of “Simply Jamilah”… and also vent a tad bit.

She’s the Girl Who
I want you, my beautiful gem of a reader, to get to know me better and see what I’m about, so I wrote a poem describing myself.

This is the Most Confident I’ve Ever Been
During this semester of college, I have experienced a lot judgement from other people. Despite that, I have been incredibly confident in myself, more than I’ve ever been in my life, and I wanted to talk about it.

Visualizing What I Want in My Life
Currently, I am incredibly lost, but I can vividly see what I want in my life when I’m not lost. This is another look into my jumbled thoughts.

How Do You Define Yourself?
This is such a thought-provoking question, and here’s my answer: I have no freaking idea.

A New Decade, A New Era
Today is my birthday, and I am officially turning twenty. I know I am just now turning twenty, but this post is focused on everything I want to accomplish before I turn thirty. It’s a new decade for me, which means it’s time for a new and better era in my life.

To: Summer 2019
This is a letter of appreciation to Summer 2019.

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