welcome to simply jamilah

Welcome to Simply Jamilah, a place where authenticity, mental spirals, and blunt ramblings are welcomed with open arms. Through varying kinds of writing and content creation, I (Jamilah) like to express who I am, and I want to encourage everyone to do the same. This is my world, a beautiful melting pot of girl talk (including menstruation), real talk (because adulting ain’t easy), and unsolicited advice (I tend to have a lot of this). Thank you for coming to my humble abode, a place where I can simply be myself (including make mistakes), a place where I can share my journey to (sorta) figuring out life. There’s only one rule: no judging (kindness ONLY).

-With love, Jamilah

Girl Talk

Everything under the sun that's associated with being a woman. There's women's fashion (because that's all I mostly know), menstruation, hormones, literally anything that has to do with being a woman in America and all the unfortunate stereotypes associated with someone who has breasts.
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In other words, the fun stuff. I take movies, books, music, TV shows, etc. very seriously, and this section has all of that. There are book reviews, product reviews, and posts involving music and movies. Also, there's a lot of life lessons that stimulated self-growth and how-to things I've learned on my adulting journey.
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This is where the blunt side of me comes out. There's the side of me who has a lot to say about a certain topic or to a certain person, and the only way to relieve my brain of the turmoil it puts itself through is writing about it and sharing it with the internet. During these brain dump sessions, I find myself giving advice that no one asked for, and sometimes, it's advice I give myself. Yeah, I'm that friend.
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