Welcome to Simply Jamilah!

Hello, my beautiful gem!

Welcome to Simply Jamilah, a completely candid blog written by a super candid young adult who’s still trying to grasp the concept of adulting. This is a place where identities don’t have to be altered to match society and please others. This is a place where you are encouraged to be who you are. Think your thoughts. Dress the way you want. Say what you want. Do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy.

This blog is a hodgepodge of different, random elements that make up my brain, from my unedited originally written short stories and recipes to moments in my life I want to remember forever and so much more! You are entering my amazing, beautiful, weird world; please be kind to it. That’s all I ask. This is me just being me, and this is a judgement free zone. We only uplift and encourage here.

Sit back. Be yourself. Enjoy.


Tips for Shopping on SheIn
Over the years of frequently shopping at the online retailer SheIn, I’ve learned a few things and figured I’d share my tips with you.

My Best Friend Drove 4 Hours to Visit Me
For the latter half of her spring break, my best friend drove four hours to visit me at my university. It meant the world to me, so I documented it.

My Zodiac Sign Investment
Today, I wanted to kind of discuss my interest in zodiac signs and the three signs that make up someone who was born on June 17th.

I spontaneously decided to start a new thing where I rant about whatever has taken over mind for longer than necessary. This is that. Welcome to Simply Jamilah’s Simple Rants (will probably come up with a better title).

My Very Public Diary: February 2019
Honestly, February wasn’t too horribly awkward and embarrassing. I needed this break.

Nail Color Affects Your Mood?
Over the past seventeen-ish weeks, I changed my nail color eighteen times and documented it to see if the color of my nails affected the way I felt.


I finally completed the page Hidden Gems, where I interview and write about a woman or young girl I find empowering and am inspired by. I figured there was no better time to publish this page than Women’s History Month.





“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
-Oprah Winfrey