My Life


This may seem a little all over the place.

Do you see those dark dots on my legs? Some call them freckles. Some call them blackheads. Some say they came from shaving (even before I started shaving my legs). Honestly, I have no clue what those dots are. I used to be ashamed to wear shorts and bathing suits and anything that wasn’t a maxi dress or jeans. Whenever I was feeling insecure about them, people said they were “beautiful” or “fine,” and I thought they were lying. I have gotten more questions about my legs than the line on my nose. To be completely confident with my entire body, my legs were the last insecurity I had to get over. They were my “flaw.”

Part of self-love is body confidence and accepting anything you think is a flaw (which really isn’t a flaw), whether it be physical, emotional, etc. I guess in this case I’m talking about physical. No matter what anyone says, a flaw is not an error nor a mistake; it is a characteristic that makes you unique. It wasn’t until this summer I realized that and accepted my legs and confidently wore shorts. How I look (including my legs) does not determine who I am. We all look different, yet we are all beautiful. Amy Bloom said, “You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”

People ask about my legs to make me feel down about myself, but my physical appearance does not determine my personality nor my capabilities. There could be a very attractive, toned, muscular guy, but how he looks means nothing if he’s actually a load of crap.


This is Kechi, a woman currently competing on America’s Got Talent. She got in a plane crash and was the only survivor out of sixty people. Her appearance may have changed, but it didn’t change her beautiful voice and her amazing spirit. I am rooting for her because she is the very definition of beautiful.

I hope this all makes sense. You may have something you consider a “flaw,” but that does not determine who you are. It makes you unique and even more beautiful.

Kelsey Silver said, “I am imperfect and yet my imperfections, like any great work of art, are what make me a masterpiece.”

So, what’s wrong with my legs?

Nothing. I’m a masterpiece.

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