I saw my friends for the last time before leaving for college and thought it would be fun to interview them and get their thoughts about random things. They are pictured above in this order (I wanted to take a picture of them together but completely forgot, so I used their Twitter profile pictures): Wilna Fanfan, Maria Gui, Evelyn, and me. I knew Maria in elementary school, but we didn’t become friends until middle school, which is also where I met Evelyn. Wilna and I became friends freshman year of high school. I interviewed them on August 17, 2017, and listening to the audio brings tears to my eyes each time. I love them dearly and already miss them, even though I will see them again.

~Q1: What is something you love about me?

Wilna (W): THESE ARE NOT EASY QUESTIONS! I like that you’re black (I’m pretty sure she was kidding).

Maria (M): Whoa!!

Jamilah (ME): You only have to say one thing.

W: There’s not one thing I like about you. (Evelyn and Maria agreed). I want to be you.I want to be like that movie of the girl that goes to her roommate and takes over her life. You’re goals, that’s why. You’re accomplished. Like, you’ve got a book written, and you’re like eighteen now.

Evelyn (E): I really like your charisma and humor. (I interrupted and said, “But I pick on you”). Yeah but it’s not like bad intentions, you know? And I really like the support you give to all of us, which I didn’t really have from a lot of people at the time when I met you.

W: You’re like a small Michelle Obama.

E: That’s all you have to say really.

M: I like that you said hi to me in fifth grade, and then we awkwardly said hi for the rest of the year. We never knew each other’s name until seventh grade.

~Q2: What’s something you don’t love about me? What’s something that bothers you?

M: I don’t like that you do not believe in yourself.

W: Yeah. Second guessing yourself.

E: Like, your perfectionism. I feel like it holds you back in a way. It’s not something I hate about you but- (Maria interrupted and said, “I kinda like it.”) – at times. (Then Maria also said, “I feel like it brings you further.”) My thing is the way you feel about it, you know?

W: You’re someone I like. For some reason, I learned so much. I wanna be more like you.

~Q3: What’s something you value in everything or anything?

W: Loyalty loyalty loyalty (We all laughed).

E: I value support.

W: I value people. I feel like everyone you meet, you’re supposed to meet them. They’re going to give you something to learn about or something. Oh and I value how people have expiration dates. Like everyone in your life is not going to last.

~Q4: What’s your favorite TV show or show on Netflix?

M: There’s so many! The Office, Dear White People, Fresh Off the Boat. (Wilna interrupted, “Oh yeah! Dear White People.”). If you like Dear White People, check out Fresh Off the Boat.

W: Oh, I like Jane the Virgin.

M: Parks and Rec. Oh yeah, Riverdale. Big Brother. I like the news.

E: (I had to summarize this). I don’t really watch TV. I started watching anime, and it’s called Hunter X Hunter. It’s really good.

M: Raising Hope is good.

W: I like Empire. I like any black show. Um, I like Mr. Robot.

~Q5: What’s the funniest moment we’ve all had together?

M: I liked it whenever she (referring to Wilna) went up to Miguel about Mr. White.

W: I don’t know. There’s so many funny moments, like exposing Rudy.

E: Remember when we (referring to Maria) messaged Oscar from your phone.

M: And he never figured it out.

~Q6: What’s your favorite movie?

M: Get Out is genuinely the best movie I’ve ever seen. The Breakfast Club. Classics.

W: I like Pocahontas.

M: La La Land was pretty good.

E: Ice Age (in Spanish).

M: Easy A was so good. Friends with Benefits— also good. I can watch that movie anytime, any place, and I’m good. I can it watch it the whole entire day.

W: I like The Grandfather. I don’t know. Any movie that’s mafia related or drug related, I like. I like, um, Focus.

M: Remember Me.

~Q7: What ( I meant who) would be the perfect guy for me?

They all pretty much agreed on a guy I met at my college orientation that I’m barely acquaintances with and barely know.

~Q8: What’s the best and worst thing about Nashville?

W: The roads are the worst thing. People can’t drive.

M: The best part… I like everything that’s going on. There’s so much stuff to do.

W: The best thing about Nashville… music.

M: The thing about Tennessee, or Nashville, you could be downtown, and then if you go like thirty minutes, you’re hiking.

E: I don’t go out much.

W: I like the people, hospitality.

M: Everyone’s really nice. Well, not everyone, but most people.

E: I like the diversity.

~Q9: Would you rather have kids or pets?

E: (immediately). Pets.

W: It depends on society and how it’s going. If it just gets worse and worse, I don’t know if I want to bring a child to live through that.

M: I want a pug so bad!

~Q10: What’s your best piece of advice to anyone about anything?

M: Live in the moment.

W: Life is a journey, but sometimes you gotta take naps while going on that journey.

E: The mountains are calling, I must go.

M: Life is not fair, and that’s what makes it fair (beautiful).

E: If you have a goal for yourself, don’t let other people influence it.

W: My advice is eat. Enjoy the food more. Live more. Be more.

M: Just do what you want, but don’t take advantage of it.

My friends are crazy and weird and awkward, but I wouldn’t want them any other way. I love them soooo much!!


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