On September 1st, I completed my first week of college classes (it wasn’t my first week on campus). A lot happened, and I will more than likely not write everything in the order that it happened; that doesn’t matter. This is about to be one long, run-on, out of order paragraph.

I received homework and a project (which is really just an essay). I got super excited about my degree and realized I was studying the right thing (because I was having doubts). There were two cases of sexual assault two days in a row (it kind of put me on edge, but I feel better now). I realized the animals here are not scared of humans (literally, the squirrels here walk beside you instead of run away from you). Being someone who was not prepared for adulthood, I realized I had to pay for my own books (I freaked out but got it taken care of because I didn’t need a lot of books). I attended several meetings and training sessions. I am either the only one or one of two African Americans in some of my classes and meetings ( I was warned but still needed to adjust). One night, there were several car wrecks on campus, and there were a bunch of police and fire trucks and ambulances (I’m not sure how true that is; I just saw a bunch of flashing lights across the street from my residence hall). Besides my roommate, I’ve only made two new friends. I didn’t do any of the activities for Welcome Week, and I didn’t go to our first home football game (which meant I didn’t get any free stuff, but my roommate did). I had trouble mailing something out at the post office but got it all taken care of. The walls in my dorm are extremely thin, so I’ve been hearing some very interesting and inappropriate things from the guy next door. My three-hour class got cut in half (which was probably the greatest thing that happened this past week). I was supposed to introduce myself to my professors, but I didn’t do that because I am a super awkward person and wouldn’t know what to say.

There you go. My first week of college. I know everyday won’t be perfect, but I’m looking forward to the rest of my college journey.

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