“Let’s the Games Begin” was my college’s 2017 homecoming theme. I was honestly hoping they would play “Let the Games Begin” by AJR, but that didn’t happen. Anyway, the games began, and I pretty much took Ls.

Minus a couple of minor setbacks and the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, the week started off good. There was a homecoming concert, skit, and different competitions, but I didn’t attend any of them. Thursday night at 7:14pm, I received tragic news, and my week turned around. I found out someone very dear to my heart passed away; I cried immediately. Honestly, the world seemed to get darker when she passed away because she was such a beautiful, positive, happy light who brought so much joy to this world. I didn’t think cancer would take her so soon, and I still can’t fathom it.

Then, Friday morning happened. The fire alarm in our residence hall went off at three in the morning and went off six times between three and four. I walked up and down the stairs waaay too much that night/morning, and it was really hard for me to go to sleep afterwards. I was super ticked off. It all happened because there was a mechanical issue in our steam room. They ended up turning off the heat, which is what they should have done the first time.

Later that night, the weekend homecoming events started, which are the ones I attended. We missed the parade but went to the pep rally. There were three food trucks, and I went to the one with the shortest line and got loaded pork nachos,20171008_202729 which were sooooo amazing– literally my favorite part of the night. There was a DJ who played a bunch of overplayed popular songs. I also really liked the fireworks 20171006_192532; I got mad fourth of July vibes. It was cool.

Later, that night, we returned to our dorm room and continued the Friday night tradition of watching a movie on Netflix. I chose Our Souls at Night, which was a very sad, heart-wrenching movie. It’s definitely not what I needed; I cried several times. We also ate Domino’s, which I vomited early Saturday morning. I spent a large portion of my Saturday trying to recover from my sickness; I will no longer be eating from Domino’s.

At 2:45 that afternoon, I left my residence hall to go to the homecoming football game. It was kind of a crappy game; there were a lot of fumbles and incomplete passes. 20171008_202559 If it wasn’t for our great defense, we would not have won. We won 16 to 3 with only one touchdown being scored. The attendance for the game was 8,540, which was great. I really appreciated how we took a moment of silence for everyone affected by the Las Vegas shooting. Also, congratulations to the 2017 homecoming king and queen: Leon Humphrey Jr. and Olivia Ellis. (I really wanted both of them to win).

After the game, we went to Knight’s Pizza20171008_202402, which didn’t destroy my stomach. I ate a bacon cheeseburger pizza 20171008_202347, which was really good. Then we went to a comedy/ step show. Only four sororities/fraternities performed: Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta , Omega Psi Phi, and Alpha Phi Alpha. The Emcee for the evening was Nick Banks (better known as mr_bankshot). The comedian for the night was DC Young Fly, best known from MTV’s TRL and Wild ‘n Out. As soon as DC Young Fly got onstage, I heard a police officer’s radio say, “You gotta get everyone outta there.” Then, fifteen minutes after he had b20171008_202250een onstage, we all had to evacuate because someone threatened to shoot up the place between 10 and 10:30pm, which is right when DC Young Fly got onstage. I think there was some premeditation involved. It was a very interesting experience, definitely filled me with adrenaline.

To end homecoming week, there was a gospel choir show. Fortunately, nothing bad happened. Mimes/dancers 20171008_202042 from one of the churches I attend danced, and they did an outstanding job. The international choir and the gospel choir from my school performed, and they did equally amazing. They provided the happy ending I needed to a slightly disappointing 20171008_165629homecoming weekend.

With what happened Saturday night, we’re expecting high racial tension on Monday. Next time I have the option of going to homecoming or a storytelling festival, I’m going to pick the storytelling festival. Nevertheless, it was a memorable homecoming.


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