I found genuine, amazing, beautiful people that I can call my friends.

For a while, I was having a hard time finding new friends. Maria will forever be my friend, but she is five hours away; plus, it’s good to develop new friendships. I was struggling with meeting new people who are extremely kind and acceptant and real. Real meaning they are one hundred percent honest (won’t lie to me) and one hundred percent themselves (don’t try to fit in to please society). It pleases me to say I have found them.

Personality pic. This is Ashton and I on Halloweekend. Little kids trick or treated in our residence hall, and we passed out candy together. I am a female football player, and she is Rachel Green from Friends.

Since she is the only one I have a picture with, I’ll start with Ashton. Before we became friends, we had a little encounter, I guess you could say. I went to a camp in Ridgecrest, North Carolina for a week known as Black Church Week. At the camp, I received a shirt, which I use as a pajama shirt. At the very beginning of the school year, when I thought there weren’t going to be a lot of people out, I went to take out the trash in my pajama shirt (the shirt I got from camp). I saw Ashton as I was leaving, and she said she had the exact same shirt. I was confused because, how do I say this without sounding weird, Ashton isn’t African American, and I  got the shirt at Black Church Week. I didn’t remember seeing her, and I knew she wasn’t a group leader nor a cafeteria worker (I only remember the cafeteria people because they got me hooked on loaded grits). Anyway, since I didn’t remember seeing her, I was kind of rude and gave her a dirty look. Time passed, and I found out she’s the RA for a community circle thing I’m a part of called the Innovations Living Learning Community (LLC). When I saw her at the first circle, I felt horrible for what I did. Now, we’re friends. Not only is she an amazing RA, but she’s also a great friend.

Next up: Matthew (aka, the person taking the picture). When I first met Matthew, I thought he was a jerk. We were a part of a program that allowed us to move in early and had all sorts of activities, such as silent disco, lip sync battle, etc. The program consisted of small groups that you had to go to, and when you competed in any activity (such as lip sync battle), you competed in your small group (example: group 31 versus group 27). Well, Matthew was in my small group. He made a few smart-alecky, unnecessary, sort of rude comments. Any time I saw him after the program ended, I avoided eye contact and did not greet him because I didn’t want him to say anything rude to me. Well, he also ended up being in my LLC, and over time, he’s become a great friend.

They are both amazing individuals. They are very real and honest and kind and supportive and fun and beautiful (guys are beautiful too) and genuine and down for anything (we’re all going hiking together on Veteran’s Day) and trustworthy; I trust them, which is hard for me to do, but they earned it.

Most of the time, I hang out with the two of them, and I love every second of it. I’ve learned a lot about a lot of things from both of them. We joke around, but we also have serious moments. We all hang out, but we understand if we’re too busy to hang out. We’re all rooting for each other; they’re rooting for me and another guy in the building, but I let them. Unlike other “friends,” they’re not annoying about it, and they’re not pressuring me into anything, which I greatly appreciate.

Will it ever happen?

Heck no. (I hardly know the guy, and I think he’s about to graduate, and I will literally never see him after this year, and there’s just a whole list).

This is off topic.

Anyway, Ashton, Matthew, and I all have boundaries, and we feel bad if we ever cross them; we respect each other. Of course, Matthew and I have to respect Ashton because she’s our RA, but that’s beside the point. When we have bad days, we’re there for each other. They are two great people I love being around, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes our friendship. I just thought about how my nickname throughout high school (besides Michelle Obama) was JAM, and the first letters of our names spell JAM.

There are a couple of other people I’ve met but don’t know as well as Matthew and Ashton and haven’t really hung out with. Ashton’s roommate, Rachel (who also has a blog you should TOTALLY check out: theconcertdiary.com), is also really awesome. I hope to hang out with and get to know her more in the future. She’s really, really kind and beautiful and makes amazing brownies. There’s another RA, who’s also a part of the organization I give campus tours with (hope that made sense) named Meg. She is literally superwoman. She’s a double major and a double minor as well as an RA and a leader for the organization we’re a part of, and I’m ninety-eight percent sure she’s involved in other things. Meg is super kind and funny and downright awesome. I will be rooting for her when she walks across the stage in May.

I’m still making friends in my major based classes, but I don’t think I’m to the point where I can call them friends yet. Of course, I’m close with a few of the faculty members (don’t know if that’s the correct term) on campus. Literally, one of them gave me a jacket to borrow when it was thirty something degrees outside, and I didn’t have a coat.

I am so grateful for everyone I’ve met and everyone I will meet. I’m happy I’ve found genuinely amazing people.


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